What year did Patrick Dempsey play Jeremiah?

What year did Patrick Dempsey play Jeremiah?

Jeremiah is a 1998 American made-for-television biblical epic drama film produced for RAI and starring Patrick Dempsey as the Biblical prophet Jeremiah….Jeremiah (film)

Written by Harry Winer
Directed by Harry Winer
Starring Patrick Dempsey Oliver Reed Klaus Maria Brandauer Vincent Regan
Music by Bruce Broughton

What is the movie Jeremiah about?

God calls upon the prophet (Patrick Dempsey) to preach the return of justice and faith to those who have lost their way and turned to false idols.Jeremiah / Film synopsis

How accurate is the movie Jeremiah?

Although Jeremiah is beaten and abused, several people killed by swords, and a king is blinded, the violence is not overly graphic and it is true to what actually happened. The production values are all excellent, and Patrick Dempsey (“Scream 3” and “Outbreak”) gives a dynamic, convincing portrayal.

How long is the Jeremiah movie?

1h 30mJeremiah / Running time

Was Jeremiah Johnson a real man?

Johnson himself was also known to perpetuate his own rumors, which doesn’t help historians. Jeremiah Johnson was a name concocted for the movie, but his real name was John Johnston, one he gave himself after being kicked out of the Navy for striking an officer during the Mexican-American War.

Who was the Indian woman in Jeremiah Johnson?

One of his key jobs was to act as coach for Delle Bolton, who was playing Jeremiah Johnson’s Indian wife Swan. Sydney Pollack called this one of the most “purely visual films” he ever made.

Where was the movie Jeremiah filmed?

Ultimately, it was shot in nearly one hundred locations across Utah, including: Mount Timpanogos, Ashley National Forest, Leeds, Snow Canyon State Park, St. George, Sundance Resort, Uinta National Forest, Wasatch-Cache National Forest, and Zion National Park.

Who is Patrick Dempsey dating now?

Patrick Dempsey’s Profile View All Photos (7) Patrick Dempsey is currently married to Jillian Fink. He has been in two celebrity relationships averaging approximately 14.7 years each.

Is Patrick Dempsey and Jack Dempsey related?

Patrick had 6 siblings: John Francis Jack Dempsey, Mary Anne Dempsey, Francis Leslie Frank Dempsey, Minnie Ellen McGlead, Annie Dorothy Phelan and Kathleen Frances Kath. Creed . Patrick married Mary Myrtle Dempsey on May 14 1930, at age 34 in Wangaratta , Victoria , Australia.

Is Patrick Dempsey Greek?

Devils is set in the world of high finance in 2011 following the worldwide banking crisis that started in 2008 and centers on Massimo Ruggero (Alessandro Borghi), the Head of Trading for the fictional bank NYL, who’s described by the bank’s CEO, Dominic Morgan (Patrick Dempsey), as a shark in the world of international investing.