What will the weather be in Denver on Thanksgiving?

What will the weather be in Denver on Thanksgiving?

This year’s Thanksgiving is expected to be in the mid-50s with sunshine and dry weather. It will be a seasonal and uneventful weather day in Denver. The all-time warmest Thanksgiving in Denver was back in 1909 when the city hit 73 degrees. The coldest was in 1877 with a low temperature of -18 degrees.

Will it snow on Thanksgiving in Denver?

Right? Well, it certainly has and can snow on Thanksgiving, but believe it or not, Thanksgiving is actually slightly less snowy than Halloween, at least in Denver. Only 12% of Thanksgivings have had snow falling on the day of the holiday, a slightly lower percentage than Halloween (13%).

Will it be snowing in Denver in November?

November’s snowfall varies a lot from year to year in Denver. Between 3 and 12 inches (8 to 29 cm) of fresh snow arrives in half the years. Less new snow lands in one out of four Novembers, while another twenty-five percent are snowier.

How much snow will Denver get in November?

Snow totals following warmest Novembers on record The average snowfall for the top six warmest Novembers on record is 44.9 inches. The average snowfall each winter in Denver is 56.5 inches.

What is the weather in Colorado for Thanksgiving?

The average high on Thanksgiving is about 49 degrees, with an average low of 24 degrees. With all of the climatology in mind, though, it certainly at least looks like this Thanksgiving may trend cooler and wetter in Denver and along the Front Range, similar to the rest of this autumn so far.

What is the weather like for Thanksgiving in Colorado?

Is there snow in Colorado during Thanksgiving?

DENVER (KDVR) — The end of November is typically a chilly and sometimes snowy time of year in Colorado. The most snowfall ever recorded in Denver on Thanksgiving was 8.5 inches in 1928. This year, there is a chance for at least some of Colorado to see snowfall on Thanksgiving.

Is Colorado a good place to visit during Thanksgiving?

Colorado offers more than just winter sports and breathtaking scenery — its vibrant cities and towns are known for hosting exciting Thanksgiving festivities and fare. Start creating unforgettable holiday memories in one of the healthiest and most active states in the country.

Is Thanksgiving a good time to visit Denver?

Fall. Although the weather can get crisp, fall is still a great time to visit Denver. Stay for Thanksgiving dinner in Denver. Snow is not uncommon, but most of the snow and colder weather reserve itself for January and later.

What clothes to pack for Denver in November?

Monthly Clothes Forecast

month Clothes Forecast
Nov Sometimes a jacket will be comfortable. Sometimes it is cold enough to wear a coat, gloves, warm hat.
Dec A coat or down jacket, gloves, a warm hat and so on. It is cold, so keep warm enough.