What was the point of crisis on Naboo?

What was the point of crisis on Naboo?

Crisis on Naboo Trivia Gallery It was about diverting the Jedi from his real kidnapping attempt. That means Dooku suspected a Jedi would infiltrate his conspiracy, and the Box exercise was about flushing that Jedi out, which is why Dooku took such interest in Rako Hardeen’s actions and abilities.

Did Cad Bane respect Obi-Wan?

If they miss one shot, then they will be killed by the pop-up flamethrowers below. Bane, now having newfound respect for Obi-Wan and disgusted by Eval’s cowardice in killing him, saves him with his cable, demanding that he kill him off like a man.

Why did Dooku kidnap Palpatine on Naboo?

This so-called “kidnapping” was most likely auspiciously designed to take any suspicion away from Palpatine as being behind the Separatists. Moreover, Palpatine, may have foreseen that Anakin would kill Dooku at this time and thus bring the young Jedi closer to the Dark Side.

What episode of Clone Wars does Palpatine get kidnapped?

“All warfare is based on deception.” When the Jedi learn of a Separatist plot to kidnap Chancellor Palpatine, one of them must go deep undercover as a hardened criminal to extract information from the conspirators.

Will Cad Bane be in the Mandalorian?

Cad Bane and The Mandalorian Season 3 Cad Bane feels like the obvious choice. As long as the blue-skinned bounty hunter doesn’t meet his maker in the Boba Fett finale, he’ll make a perfect villain in the next season of the Mandalorian.

Who kills Cade Bane?

“I knew you were a killer,” Cad Bane growls at Boba, and then to prove him wrong, Boba kills him.

Did Palpatine plan his own kidnapping?

Sheev Palpatine knows all of this is taking place. Sheev Palpatine arranged his own abuduction. Sheev Palpatine then placed a double agent to prevent his abduction. the abduction he ordered in the first place.