What was the biggest trend in 2017?

What was the biggest trend in 2017?

The top 2017 trends are in – data has revealed the bestselling trends of the year….These were the bestselling trends of 2017

  1. That Gucci tee. Quite simply, Gucci owned 2017.
  2. Puffed up.
  3. Embroidery.
  4. Sleeves with attitude.
  5. Ruffled.
  6. Feminist Slogans.
  7. Super sneaks.

What are the spring trends for 2021?

12 Standout Trends from the Spring 2021 Runways to Shop Now

  • Good Trench. getty images/Ingrid Frahm.
  • Button-Down, XXL. getty images/Ingrid Frahm.
  • Petal to the Metal. getty images/Ingrid Frahm.
  • Coats of Many Colors. getty images/Ingrid Frahm.
  • Team Player. getty images/Ingrid Frahm.
  • Cinch It.
  • Cool Khakis.
  • Tie Dye For.

What was cool in 2017?

The Top 10 Things The Internet Couldn’t Stop Talking About in…

  • Michelle Obama at the Inauguration.
  • Beyoncé’s twins pregnancy announcement.
  • Moonlight wins Best Picture over La La Land at the Oscars.
  • BBC Dad.
  • Kendall Jenner’s Pepsi.
  • Covfefe.
  • Solar Eclipse.
  • Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do”

What was 2017 like?

2017 brought some really hard times to millions of people around the world. We’ve seen terror attacks, famine, natural disasters. The UN described starvation and famine in Yemen, South Sudan, Somalia, and Nigeria as “the largest humanitarian crisis since the second world war,” with more than 20 million people affected.

What was famous in 2018?

50 Biggest Pop Culture Moments from 2018

  • Black Panther Dominates the Cinema.
  • The Royal Wedding.
  • Beyoncé at Coachella.
  • Kanye Visits the White House.
  • Pete and Ariana.
  • The Thai Soccer Team Rescue.
  • Hawaii Sends Out a False Alarm.
  • Bieber Serenades Baldwin.