What type of instrument is a nyatiti?

What type of instrument is a nyatiti?

plucked bowl yoke lute
The nyatiti is a five to eight-stringed plucked bowl yoke lute from Kenya. It is a classical instrument played by the Luo people of Western Kenya, specifically in the Siaya region south of Kisumu. It is about two to three feet long with a bowl-shaped, carved wood resonator covered in cow skin.

Which community uses Nzumari?

Another instrument used during the sengenya dance is the nzumari. This oboe is an adaptation of the Arab zurna and zamr, introduced when the Arabs came to trade on the Coastal regions of Kenya. It is used as a solo instrument, during the interludes of the sengenya, in between the verses of the songs.

What is the oldest known instrument?

Neanderthal flute
Why is the find so important? The Neanderthal flute from Divje babe is the oldest known musical instrument in the world and to this day the best evidence for the existence of music in Neanderthals. Indeed, other known Palaeolithic flutes were made by anatomically modern humans.

What community uses Bungo?

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Categories Fruit, nuts and fruit preserves
Indigenous community: Mji mkuu pemba
Nominated by: Mnayah Seth Mwambapa

What community uses mulele?

Mulele was lured out of exile after Joseph-Désiré Mobutu promised him amnesty, but Mobutu had him tortured and executed after Mulele returned to the Congo. He was a member of the Bapende ethnic group.

What is a nyatiti?

The NYATITI is an 8-stringed lyre from Kenya (Africa). It is a traditional instrument played by musicians of the LUO tribe, ethnic group in western Kenya, in Eastern Uganda and Northern Tanzania that left hundreds of years ago from Lake Victoria to the influence of Egyptian culture.

Where are the Adungu and nyatiti instruments?

Using our Worldmap we can show a distribution of the Adungu and Nyatiti instruments across Eastern Africa – the Nyatiti is represented in the darker pink, the Adungu in the lighter pink:

What is the name of the musical instrument in Kenya?

Read more about that here, and give it a listen. The Nyatiti. Origins: The nyatiti is an african string instrument from Kenya that strongly resembles an egyptian lyre. It is traditionally played by the Luo peoples, an ethnic group now situated in Western Kenya, Eastern Uganda and Northern Tanzania.

Who are the best nyatiti players in the world?

The Singing Wells team were also lucky enough to enjoy the sound of one of the best nyatiti players in the world, Ayub Ogada during their field visit in March, where Tabu organised a ‘Hall of fame concert’. He opened the concert with the famous “Kothbiro”, which featured in the film ‘The Constant Gardiner’. Here it is: