What type of assessment is the CELF-5?

What type of assessment is the CELF-5?

CELF-5 provides clinicians with a streamlined, flexible battery to assess semantics, morphology, syntax, and pragmatics for students ages 5-21. CELF-5 features structured and authentic tests of language ability (including observational and interactive measures) for a complete picture of students’ language skills.

Who can administer CELF-5?

As a Level B measure, the CELF-5 can be administered by speech and language pathologists, school psychologists, special educators, and qualified diagnosticians with a master’s degree or certification in standardized testing.

Can the CELF-5 be administered online?

The Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals–Fifth Edition (CELF–5; Wiig, Semel, & Secord, 2013) can be administered in a telepractice context by using digital tools from Q-global®, Pearson’s secure online testing and scoring platform.

What is the CELF-5 observational rating scale?

The CELF-5 Observational Rating Scale (ORS) documents a student’s ability to manage classroom behaviors and interactions, and to meet school curriculum objectives for following teacher instructions.

How do I reference CELF-5?

San Antonio, TX: NCS Pearson. Wiig, E. H., Semel, E., Secord, W. A. (2013). Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals–Fifth Edition (CELF-5). Bloomington, MN: NCS Pearson.

What does the CELF-5 measure?

The CELF-5 battery includes tests from previous editions and new tests for evaluating word meanings and vocabulary (semantics), word and sentence structure (morphology and syntax), the rules of oral language used in responding to and conveying messages (pragmatics), and the recall and retrieval of spoken language ( …

What does the CELF test?

The Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals (CELF-5) was designed to assess a student’s language and communication skills in a variety of contexts, determine the presence of a language disorder, describe the nature of the language disorder and plan for intervention or treatment.

What is the CELF-5 screener?

The CELF-5 Screening Test helps you quickly determine if a student needs further testing to identify a language disorder. Appropriate for students ages 5:0 through 21:11, this tool is the only standardized screening measure available for older school-aged students!

What is the CELF-5 Metalinguistics?

CELF-5 Metalinguistics is a clinical tool that can be used to assess a student’s ability to make inferences, construct conversationally appropriate sentences, understand multiple meaning words and ambiguous sentences, and understand figurative language.

When can you retest the CELF-5?

Retesting should be conducted when the examiner thinks the child has made progress since the previous test administration. Retesting can be conducted when other factors negatively affecting the student’s performance (e.g., illness, inattention) cause you to question the accuracy of previous test results.

What is the purpose of the CELF 5 Metalinguistics?

How long does the Ppvt take to administer?

The PPVT-4 is designed to assess individual children and adults. Administration should take approximately 10-15 minutes for most ages and abilities. The tool consists of 228 items equally distributed across 19 item-sets. Each item-set contains 12 items of increasing difficulty.