What TV show had the cone of silence?

What TV show had the cone of silence?

Get Smart
The Cone of Silence is one of many recurring joke devices from Get Smart, a 1960s American comedy television series about an inept spy.

Why is it a cone of silence?

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A running gag in the 60’s-era spy comedy “Get Smart,” was the “Cone of Silence.” The Cone of Silence was a cutting edge (not to mention, top-secret) apparatus that was designed to keep conversations silent and confidential.

Who used the cone of silence?

After CONTROL goes out of business, Max buys the Cone of Silence and has it installed over the bed at his and 99’s house [TV Movie: “Get Smart, Again!”]….

Cone of Silence
Organization CONTROL
Used by by Maxwell Smart and the Chief

Who said would you believe?

In the 1960s, Adams had a supporting role on the sitcom The Bill Dana Show (1963–1965) as the hopelessly inept hotel detective Byron Glick. His speech mannerisms, catchphrases (“Would you believe…?”), and other comedy bits were adapted for his “Maxwell Smart” role in Get Smart.

What city is located on the outer edge of the cone of silence?

OKLAHOMA CITY — Check out the title image. The storm looks like it has a black hole over it. This is what meteorologists refer to as the “cone of silence.”

What is a cone of silence in aviation?

Radar Basics A radar is not designed to detect aircraft directly above the radar antenna. This gap is known as the cone of silence. This gap or cone of silence is the inverted cone mapped out by the rotating antenna as a result of the antenna back angle being less than 90 degrees.

What is cone of confusion?

A cone-shaped set of points, radiating outwards from a location midway between an organism’s ears, from which a sound source produces identical phase delays and transient disparities, making the use of such binaural cues useless for sound localization.

Who has the shoe phone?

The use of a shoe phone is a gimmick of the show’s main character, Maxwell Smart (played by Don Adams), a secret agent who has need to conceal a communication device in his shoe. The device had a removable sole which allowed access to a telephone handset.

Why did Get Smart end?

The big change in the Smart’s relationship was 99’s pregnancy, announced in the season opener. She gave birth to twins (never named) during the November sweeps period. Despite that ratings grabber, the show’s ratings decline continued and CBS cancelled the show after one year.

Is the dome of silence a registered trademark?

– “Dome of Silence” is a registered trademark of POLMECH Design – a nod to Maxwell Smart’s infamous “Cone of Silence” in the television series Get Smart. We just did a test run of the Dome and it exceeded all expectations.

Is dome of silence affiliated with Nutri ninja or other blender manufacturers?

† Dome of Silence is not affiliated with Nutri Ninja, Nutribullet/Magic Bullet, Vitamix or any other blender manufacturer. – “Dome of Silence” is a registered trademark of POLMECH Design – a nod to Maxwell Smart’s infamous “Cone of Silence” in the television series Get Smart.

How do I Turn on the dome of my Blender?

For blenders that turn on with a twist (eg. Nutribullets †), with the power outlet turned OFF, twist the blender cup into position, place the dome on, then simply turn ON at the power outlet.