What tools do I need to contour my face?

What tools do I need to contour my face?

7 Tools You Need To Master Contouring, According To A Professional

  1. Foundation Brush. Sephora. “Synthetic brushes usually give me the best application for foundation,” Nichols says.
  2. Beauty Blender. Sephora.
  3. Blush Brush. Sephora.
  4. Contour Brush. Sephora.
  5. Powder Brush. Sephora.
  6. Shadow Brush. Sephora.
  7. Lip Brush. Sephora.

How to contour Your Makeup Tutorial?

Step#1: Try a Tinted Moisturizer. Make sure your hair is pulled away from your face.

  • Step#2: Shade Your Forehead. Next you want to contour your forehead to help balance your face.
  • Step#3: Focus on Your Jawline.
  • Step#4: Slim Your Nose.
  • Step#5: Go Lighter.
  • Step#6: Add a Highlight.
  • Step#7: Set the Makeup With Powder.
  • How to highlight and contour?

    Contouring adds shadows and lines to your face while highlighting emphasizes your features. To contour and highlight your face, apply your base makeup, highlight the areas you’d like to accentuate, contour the areas you want to diminish, and make sure to blend!

    Where to contour and highlight?

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    How do you contour?

    Step#1: Determine Your Face Shape. How you contour should depend on your face shape,which means to get the best defined and highlighted results,you’ll need to determine your

  • Step#2: Find Your Highlighting And Contouring Products.
  • Step#3: Apply Your Base Makeup.
  • Step#4: Highlight and Contour Your Face.
  • Step#5: Set Your Makeup.