What sizes does DOM tubing come in?

What sizes does DOM tubing come in?

DOM Tubing

  • DOM tubing is made from 1020 / 1026 or ST52.3 Steel.
  • Meets ASTM A513 Type 5.
  • Stocked Size Range: 3/16” – 14” OD; .028” – .625” wall thickness.
  • DOM tubing is stocked in 17′-24′ random lengths.
  • Suitable to hone sizes.
  • Custom sizes available upon request.
  • All the common off road sizes available.

What does DOM mean for tubing?

Drawn Over Mandrel
Drawn Over Mandrel Mechanical Tubing (DOM) is a cold drawn 1020/1026 electric resistance welded tube with all of the flash removed prior to cold drawing. In comparison to traditional electric welded tubing, DOM tubing is produced to extremely tight OD and ID tolerances.

What is the difference between ERW and DOM tubing?

While both are “mild steel”, ERW is most often made from a 1010 alloy while DOM is most often 1026. DOM is typically more expensive and is considered a premium product compared to ERW by some fabricators. Seam welding is commonly used during the manufacturing of round, square and rectangular steel tubing.

Can you mig weld DOM tubing?

DOM will “mig” just fine. “tig” will make a stronger weld, but may not be necessary for your application. If a “roll cage” is what you have in mind be sure to “gusset” it generously….and you’ll be O.K.

Is Dom stronger than HREW?

The main difference is strength. HREW (hot rolled electric welded) metal is milder steel, which is still plenty strong, with a yield strength of 40ksi. DOM (drawn over mandrel) steel is the same material which does not have a welded seam, with a yield strength of roughly 70ksi.

Can you MIG weld DOM tubing?

Is Dom welded?

Drawn-over-mandrel tubing – DOM tubing is made from a cold-drawn electrical-resistance-welded tube that is drawn through a die and over a mandrel to create such characteristics as dimensional accuracy, dependable weld integrity, and an excellent surface finish. Also, this type of tubing is very cost-effective.

What kind of tubing do you use for a roll cage?

Roll cages are made with either 1.50″ x . 120″ or 1.75″ x . 120″ DOM tubing (depending on the weight of the car).

Can you stick weld DOM tubing?

What is Dom round tubing made of?

Steel DOM Round Tubing. DOM Steel tubing is produced from 1020/1026 steel strip then formed over a mandrel welded and flash removed to produce a dimensionally sound tube. Sized as outer diameter by wall thickness.

Why choose Dom steel tubing?

Tested for weld soundness, drawn over a mandrel and retested. DOM Steel Tubing has a superior finish and wall uniformity to seamless tubing. DOM Steel Tube is a good candidate in applications that require high stress or applications that need a mechanical tube with increased mechanical properties.

What size does Dom tubing come in Chicago?

A513 Grade 1020 DOM tubing, C1026, at full lengths up to 24 feet with thousands of different inside and outside diameter sizes are in stock in our Chicago warehouse. With exacting dimensions and tolerances, all our Drawn Over Mandrel tubing has a superior finish both inside and outside.

What grades of steel are used in Dom tubing?

Our round steel tubing consists of grades 1020 and 1026 with a myriad of inside and outside dimensions and tolerances. Another factor that differentiates us from other DOM tubing suppliers, is that we sell Full-Length Bundles.