What region is Gavi wine?

What region is Gavi wine?

Gavi di Gavi (aka Cortese di Gavi) is a famous white wine DOCG zone in Piedmont, Italy. The 1,200-hectare vineyard area surrounds the city of Gavi itself. Cortese is the grape behind the wines of Gavi di Gavi, and is distinguished by its crisp, floral, peachy, aromatic qualities.

Which is the best Gavi wine?

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What kind of wine is a Gavi?

white wine
Cortese di Gavi, or simply Gavi, is an Italian dry white wine produced in a restricted area of the Province of Alessandria, Piedmont, close to the Ligurian border. The wine was awarded DOC status in 1974 and elevated to DOCG in 1998.

Is Gavi di Gavi pinot grigio?

In Italy, red wine is close to being a religion, white wine, quite a bit less so. Yet dry, refreshing, snappy whites are made, including Gavi, a wine that in many ways was the cultural precursor to pinot grigio.

Is Gavi di Gavi a pinot grigio?

Yet dry, refreshing, snappy whites are made, including Gavi, a wine that in many ways was the cultural precursor to pinot grigio. Gavi is made by a small number of producers in the town of Gavi in the southeastern part of the Piedmont region, near the border with Liguria.

What grape is Gavi made from?

This award winning wine is made from Cortese, Piedmont’s finest white grape. Grown in the vineyards surrounding the small town of Gavi, Northwest Italy, this local grapes produce a dry, elegant wine distinguished by its crisp white peach and citrus flavours, and has a creamy smooth finish.

What kind of wine is GAVI?

Gavi – Cortese di Gavi Wine. Gavi was Italy’s first white wine to gain international repute and is still considered one of the top-ranking Italian whites today. Made exclusively from the Cortese grape, a variety which has a heritage dating back to the 1600s, this is a wine that reflects its terroir.

Where is GAVI located in Italy?

The Fortress at Gavi, Piedmont. The Gavi, (or Cortese di Gavi) DOCG is situated in the southern part of Piedmont, in northwestern Italy. The town of Gavi is at the centre of the production zone while Cortese is the indigenous white grape variety from which it is made.

Where is GAVI grapes grown?

Gavi is the main town of the area; Cortese is the grape. Cortese for Gavi is grown in any of 11 communes in the area where the soils are abundant in chalky, white, limestone-rich clay. The best Gavi from these locations are delicately floral, with stone fruit and citrus characters and a crisp, mineral-laden finish.

Where are the best Gavi vineyards in Piedmont?

Villa Sparina is a gorgeous vineyard in Monterotondo that produces another delicious, affordable Gavi. On top of that, they’re a resort, so would make the perfect destination for a honeymoon or wine vacation in Piedmont. Broglia boasts some of the oldest vineyards in all of Gavi, though that doesn’t mean they’re stuck in the past.