What questions should I ask the day of coordinator?

What questions should I ask the day of coordinator?

Questions to Ask Your Wedding Planner or Day-Of Coordinator (like Hitch Studio)

  • How many meetings should we plan to have?
  • What exactly do you do before and during my wedding day?
  • What is your fee?
  • Do you have a portfolio with photos of past weddings you’ve planned?
  • Do you have a business license?

What questions do I ask a wedding coordinator?

45 questions to ask a wedding planner

  • Is the wedding planner available on your wedding date?
  • What services does the planner offer (full-service event design and coordination, a la carte or day-of)?
  • If they provide full-service planning, what do they need from you?
  • Do they provide different wedding packages?

What does a day of coordinator do list?

A day-of wedding coordinator is a person responsible for making sure the wedding day or weekend is executed perfectly. Their roles include overseeing vendors, managing the timeline, and overcoming any last-minute challenges that arise during the festivities.

How do I choose a wedding day coordinator?

When selecting a wedding coordinator it is important to find a professional who is willing to take the time to fully understand your vision in order to perfectly execute your plan! If you can find someone who is up for the task, you will walk into your wedding venue and see all of those pieces have fallen into place.

How do I hire a day-of coordinator?

How Do I Find A Great Day-Of Coordinator? First, ask your venue for recommendations of planners who have worked at their property before. They will only recommend professional coordinators who they enjoy working with. Second, ask other vendors such as your photographer, DJ and caterer on whom they recommend.

How do I ask my friend to be my wedding coordinator?

Pick a friend You’re looking for that friend who’s organized, quick on the uptake, and guaranteed to reply first on a text thread. Often, asking said person to be your day-of coordinator works.

What makes a good wedding coordinator?

Good wedding planners possess excellent interpersonal skills that aid them when interacting with all parties involved. They should be friendly, outgoing and willing to work under pressure. Additionally, wedding planners must have excellent communication skills to negotiate with vendors and merchants.

What should a wedding coordinator wear?

You can wear a black pantsuit, black jumpsuit, or a black dress—the options are endless. The number one thing to remember is to be comfortable. You’re going to be in this outfit for a long time, so it’s important that you’ll feel good wearing it all day long.

What’s the difference between a wedding planner and a wedding coordinator?

Wedding Coordinator: An individual who is focused on the coordination of the logistics of a wedding. While a wedding planner would be involved during your entire planning process, a wedding coordinator—on the other hand—usually gets involved with the coordination of a wedding about one month before the big day.

Is a day of coordinator necessary?

A day of coordinator can be essential for any wedding couple who wants to do most of the planning themselves, but when their wedding day arrives, they want a professional to execute all of their hard work and planning.