What Procol Harum means?

What Procol Harum means?

beyond these things
Procol Harum–the name, roughly translated from Latin, means ”beyond these things”–recorded 10 albums over the next decade, but founders Brooker and Reid were the only continuous members.

What does Procol Harum mean in Latin?

Procol Harum, roughly translated from Latin, means ”beyond these things.”

What does trip a little light fantastic mean?

To “trip the light fantastic” is to dance nimbly or lightly to music.

What organ is in a whiter shade of pale?

Hammond organ
The Hammond organ line of “A Whiter Shade of Pale” was inspired by Johann Sebastian Bach’s “Sleepers, Wake!” and “Air on the G String” but contrary to popular belief, the song is not a direct copy or paraphrase of any music by Bach although it makes clear references to both pieces.

What does it mean to sound white in real life?

So sounding white means that you act like the girls in White Chicks and listen to pop music, you speak properly and are obsessed with Justin Bieber or some other Caucasian singer.

What is the meaning of the song A Whiter Shade of pale?

the intended (?) meaning of the song. ‘A whiter shade of pale’ refers to being under the influence of coke, and taking another rail to go “a whiter shade of pale”. The first verse is pretty clear to me: they are a band, they are very coked up while doing a show,

Who wrote do you realize?

Do You Realize?? Lyrics as written by Michael Ivins Dave Fridmann General Comment This song is Imagine for the 21st century. There was an error. General Comment My goodness I love this song. It’s the only song that brings me to tears. In June 2009 I was going to kill myself.

What is the meaning of the song it’s just an illusion?

It’s just an illusion caused by the world spinning round” made me think that the song is talking about how, often, things are not quite what they seem. Then, shortly after that verse, “Do you realize that everyone you know someday will die…”