What part of Nashville is best to live in?

What part of Nashville is best to live in?

According to CultureTrip, the nicest Nashville neighborhoods are Hillsboro Village, Green Hills, Downtown, East Nashville, 12 South, and Downtown Franklin.

What is the safest part of Nashville?

#1: Council District 23 — Belle Meade And, for the safest neighborhood in Nashville! Welcome to Belle Meade! With only 23 violent crimes and 215 property incidents reported, this beautiful Nashville neighborhood is a great place to live and play.

Is Nashville a good place for retirees?

Nashville TN has no state income tax, and has a reduced tax burden for retirees. The other huge benefits for retireing to Nashville is the year round temperate climate. Here are some reasons why Nashville is such a great place to retire to, which are also some of the reasons Nashville is a great place to live, period.

What to know before moving to Nashville?

13 Things to Know Before Moving to Nashville

  • It’s Called Music City for a Reason. If you like live music, you’ll love Nashville.
  • It’s Tough to Be a Vegetarian.
  • There’s More to the Arts Scene than Music.
  • There’s a Parthenon.
  • It’s a Tech Hub.
  • Whiskey is Serious Business.
  • So is Beer.
  • There’s History All Around You.

Is Bellevue Nashville a good place to live?

Great location and affordable housing options make Bellevue one of the best communities for young professionals looking for a home base that offers easy access to activities. Bellevue is the place for outdoor lovers, with many parks and hiking areas often linked by greenways along the Harpeth River.

Is it worth moving to Nashville?

As of 2020, Nashville has the second largest job market in the United States. People are moving here with or without a job knowing there is a lot of employment opportunities. Trust us, the downtown area is one of the best places to live in Nashville especially if you’re working in the area!

What are the bad parts of Nashville TN?

– Traffic straight up sucks. It wasn’t fun before, but with all the folks coming here for the past few years it’s become horrid. Mass transit is currently a cruel joke. – Crime is higher than a lot of similar sized places. Pretty much always has been. – Home prices have gone up to the point that I’m not really sure I’d try to buy a home right now.

What are the best neighborhoods in Nashville TN?

Poplar Creek Estates. Located in Nashville’s southwest corner,Poplar Creek Estates is a quiet,peaceful neighborhood that is home to roughly 1,011 residents.

  • Edmonson-Cloverland. The Edmonson-Cloverland area is a relatively small neighborhood that is situated about fifteen miles outside of the Nashville city center.
  • Hermitage Hills.
  • West Meade Park.
  • What areas should I avoid in Nashville TN?

    What area of town should I stay in?

  • A Guide to Nashville’s Short Term Rentals (AirBnB,VRBO,etc.)
  • Questions about The Grand Ole Opry,Opry House,and The Ryman?
  • All about The Bluebird Cafe
  • How much does a taxi cost?
  • What bands will be playing,or what other events will be happening during my visit?
  • I’m not a country music fan.
  • What are the best restaurants in Nashville TN?

    The Catbird Seat. Simply put,The Catbird Seat is one of the most exciting restaurants in Nashville – every night offers a different menu and experience,and you never quite

  • Bastion.
  • Yolan.
  • Husk.
  • The Optimist.
  • Rolf&Daughters.
  • Hattie B’s Hot Chicken.
  • Pelican&Pig.
  • Butcher&Bee.
  • Arnold’s Country Kitchen.