What mouthpiece does Alison Balsom use?

What mouthpiece does Alison Balsom use?

Equipment. Trumpet: Schilke models E3L E-flat/D trumpet, E3L-4 E-flat trumpet, G1L G/F trumpet, P7-4 B-flat/A piccolo trumpet, S22CHD C trumpet; mouthpiece: Schilke 6A4a.

What kind of mouthpiece did Louis Armstrong use?

Louis played on a variety of mouthpieces. Right at the end of his career he was on a Purviance 4*K4 (maybe wrong model number ut I am sure that is the one). Earlier he played on a Giardinelli which was a scaled up version of his earlier Selmer double cup mouthpiece.

What nationality is Alison Balsom?

BritishAlison Balsom / Nationality

Who is Alison Balsom husband?

Sam MendesAlison Balsom / Husband (m. 2017)Sir Samuel Alexander Mendes CBE is a British film and stage director, producer, and screenwriter. In theatre, he is known for his dark re-inventions of the stage musicals Cabaret, Oliver!, Company, and Gypsy. He directed an original West End stage musical for the first time with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Wikipedia

When was Alison Balsom born?

October 7, 1978 (age 43 years)Alison Balsom / Date of birth

Alison Louise Balsom was born in Hertfordshire on October 7th 1978, and spent her early life in the town of Royston.

What mouthpiece does Wynton Marsalis use?

Last July, Dave Monette brought out Wynton a new PRANA 3 Bb trumpet, serial number 2070. He also brought a few prototype mouthpieces for Wynton to try. The new PRANA B2S3 was the winner, which Wynton has been playing all year.

Who taught Alison Balsom?

John Miller
When she was thirteen, Alison enrolled in the Junior department of the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London where she was taught by John Miller. “He was definitely my most influential teacher.

How did Alison Balsom become famous?

During her student years, Balsom played in several orchestral ensembles and became a concerto finalist in the 1998 BBC Young Musicians Competition. Following the release of her first album on EMI, Balsom began drawing attention not only across England but internationally, as well.

When did Alison Balsom get married?

January 26, 2017 (Sam Mendes)Alison Balsom / Wedding date