What logo is blue with a lion?

What logo is blue with a lion?

For most of its history, the Detroit Lions logo has been built around a stylized lion. The lion logotype was adopted in 1952, when the team got its current name.

What brand has a lion logo?

MGM Grand uses a lion logo, as well as ING Group, Royal Bank of Canada and Löwenbräu beer.

What is the designer with the Lion logo?

Jeff Mahshie: The Leo (lion) logo, lion mane print and gold are signature design elements that have been a staple of the Anne Klein brand since its inception.

What is the Blue U logo?

Global corporation Unilever has a blue “U” for their logo.

What does the Unilever logo mean?

Heart. A symbol of love, care and health. It represents our commitment to helping people take small everyday actions to improve their health and wellbeing.

What is the Electrolux logo?


The current Electrolux wordmark and logo designed by Prophet in 2015, which incorporates the Carlo Vivarelli-designed symbol from 1961.
Electrolux headquarters in Stockholm
Brands AEG, Electrolux, Electrolux Grand Cuisine, Electrolux Professional, Eureka, Frigidaire, Molteni, Westinghouse, Zanussi.

What does the blue lion symbolize in the NFL?

This blue lion symbolizes the dominance of the oldest team in the National Football League (NFL). The lion logo has undergone several modifications and modernizations; this latest version has an aggressive stance with its forepaws in the air. It has detailing in a white and black outline to represent the renewed vigor of the team.

What logo has a lion holding a globe on it?

The lion holds a globe to reflect its increasing global presence. This logo is set on a blue background with the letters “RBC” written below in white. The simple lines of the drawing and the contrasting yet complementing colors add to its visual appeal. 6. Peugeot

What is the meaning of the Detroit Lions logo?

This logo depicts the courage, dignity and leadership that the company has shown. It uses a memorable color combination of the golden lion on a dark blue background with light blue label. 10. Detroit Lions This blue lion symbolizes the dominance of the oldest team in the National Football League (NFL).

What bank has a lion on its logo?

The lion does not have a wild mane; it sits calm and composed with its long tail up in the air which is perfect to inspire confidence and tranquility, yet strength to a banking intuition. 4. Postbank This bank operates under the ING Group and its previous logo was the same as the ING lion, but in blue.