What kind of insurance is Memic?

What kind of insurance is Memic?

Maine Employers’ Mutual Insurance Company (MEMIC) is a private mutual insurance company that opened for business in January 1993 and celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2018.

Where is Memic located?

Headquartered in Portland, Maine, where it was founded in 1993, MEMIC is the leading workers’ compensation insurer for employers in Maine.

How many employees does Memic have?

Memic Indemnity Company has 8 total employees across all of its locations and generates $2.23 million in sales (USD).

What does Memic stand for?

MEMIC, which stands for Maine Employers’ Mutual Insurance Company, specializes in workers’ compensation insurance that protects both employees and employers when a worker is injured on the job.

Is Memic a good company?

MEMIC is a wonderful company with lots of room for advancement. MEMIC is a great company, and the benefits are unmatched. I work in the claims department, and pay is actually a bit better compared to other insurance companies in the area, and with the added benefits it’s unmatched.

Is Covid covered under workers comp in Maine?

Yes. If you are aware of a potential workplace injury, best practice is to contact your workers’ compensation insurer right away. I was exposed to COVID-19 while at work. Once your employer is aware of the exposure it should notify its workers’ compensation insurer.

Do employers have to pay for weekly Covid testing?

Among other directives, the agency said employers don’t need to pay for or provide COVID-19 tests unless they are otherwise required to by state or local laws or in labor union contracts.

Can an employer require Covid testing Maine?

Maine Board of Occupational Safety and Health to Meet on January 18 on OSHA’s Emergency Temporary Standard Requiring COVID-19 Vaccination or Testing for Public Sector Employees. Per State law and longstanding agreement with OSHA, Maine must adopt the standard for public employers.

Can you get fired for having Covid in Maine?

A: It would not be lawful for an employer to terminate employment because you are taking leave under one of these laws. However, Maine is an employment at-will state.

Can an employer require Covid testing in Maine?

Do I get paid if I have Covid 2021 Maine?

Does my employer have to pay me if the business closed due to COVID-19? A: No. Employers are only required to pay hourly employees for time actually worked. Whether or not the employee can use their paid benefit time such as vacation, sick, personal, etc. is solely at the discretion of the employer.

How do I contact OSHA in Maine?

The phone number for the OSHA area office in Maine is 207-626-9160. Maine public sector workplaces (state, county and municipal workplaces, including public schools and colleges) are under the Maine Department of Labor/Bureau of Labor Standards. Telephone: 207-623-7900.