What is your soul color Undertale?

What is your soul color Undertale?

The original SOUL colors from Undertale are as follows: Red (Determination * ) Cyan (Patience) Orange (Bravery)

What Colour is Sans soul?

When blue, the SOUL is in Jump Mode and affected by gravity, much like a side-scrolling/platformer perspective. This SOUL color is used by both Papyrus and Sans in battle and is the first time the protagonist’s SOUL changes color.

What are the human souls in Undertale?

List of human SOULs

Color Trait Items
Orange Bravery Tough Glove and Manly Bandanna from the Snowdin Shopkeeper.
Blue Integrity Ballet Shoes and Old Tutu in Waterfall.
Purple Perseverance Torn Notebook and Cloudy Glasses from Gerson.
Green Kindness Burnt Pan and Stained Apron in Hotland.

What are soul traits?

Soul Traits

  • Human Soul Traits. DETERMINATION. Bravery. Justice. Integrity. Patience. Perseverance. Kindness.
  • Souls. Human Soul.
  • Weakened Souls. Grey Soul. Empty Soul.
  • Combined Souls. Rainbow Soul. Two-Traited Soul.

What does a pink soul mean in Undertale?

14 Pale Pink (Fear) 15 Turquoise SOUL (Creativity)

What is a pink soul?

PINK COLOR OF SOUL If someone likes to dress in pink, it is gentle and loving, understanding, and empathize with others. The person lacks solidity, strength, and confidence.

What does a pink soul mean?

Pink. Pink in the soul indicates softness, yielding of love for others. It is a color of growing compassion, tenderness, kindness, and gentle nature. When seen in the soul, along with other pastel colors, it can indicate a quiet, modest person, with love for all of humanity.

What is Blue Magic in Undertale?

Blue Magic (Light Blue) Light Blue magic/attacks are attacks that only harm an enemy when the enemy is moving.

What is a Glitchtale?

Glitchtale is an animation of a glitched timeline story that revolves around a failed Genocide Route, that transforms the timeline to a point where characters like Gaster and Chara have been revived fully. Glitchtale was created on Feb 27, 2016, by Camila Cuevas.