What is Vibro fluid bed dryer?

What is Vibro fluid bed dryer?

Vibro Fluidized bed dryer is a widely used tea dryer now. Its function is to stop the enzymatic oxidation process and decrease water content up to 2,8-3,8%. The working principle is to use the vibrations generated by the eccentric motor so that the tea powder that runs on the bed will vibrate.

What is the difference between fluid bed dryer and fluid bed processor?

FBM Series fluid bed processor principle ensures an amazingly fast, gentle and even drying. Fluid Bed Dryers are therefore often used in combination with granulators. When a nozzle is mounted, the Fluid bed dryer or Fluidized bed dryer becomes a granulator. Fluid Bed Granulates are very homogeneous.

How does a fluid bed dryer work?

Fluid bed dryers work on the principle of fluidization, a process where a material is converted from a static solid-like state to a dynamic fluid-like state. In this process, hot gas or air is introduced through a perforated distribution plate into the area holding the material.

How many times is fluidized bed dryer method faster than that of a tray dryer?

It is 15 times faster than tray dryer. 3)Hot spots are not observed in the dryer, because of its excellent mixing and drying capacities. 4)It facilitates the drying of thermo labile substances, since the contact time is short. 5)It can be used either as batch type or continuous type.

What is the efficiency of the vibro fluidized dryer?

As for the value of the total electrical energy efficiency of the VFBD machine is worth 86.71% obtained while the machine 20 minutes operated.

What is VFBD?

Vibratory Fluidized Bed Dryers(VFBD) is another type of fluidized bed where the mechanical vibration, enhance the performance of fluidization process.

How is FBD CFM calculated?

Flow rate = Velocity x Area of cross section. Total capacity required = 884 / 0.8 = 1105 m3/hr = 651 CFM.

Which of the following is a disadvantage of fluidized dryer?

Disadvantages of Fluidized Dryers High pressure drops results as a result of the need to suspend the entire bed in gas which equally leads to high energy consumption. 2. Requires increased gas handling due to extensive recirculation of exhaust gas for high thermal efficiency operation. 3.

What are the advantages of fluidized bed dryer?

The advantages of fluid bed drying include low investment and maintenance costs, large-scale continuous production, lower air temperatures than spray drying and a relatively short drying time compared to freeze drying and vacuum drying.

Why are conventional fluidized bed methods not suitable for food systems?

Food Dehydration The hot air is forced through the material at high velocities such that the particulate material is fully suspended in the hot airstream. All particles are completely exposed to drying air, resulting in high rates of heat transfer.