What is USCIS form G-325A?

What is USCIS form G-325A?

Use this form to provide biographic information when submitting a request for deferred action to USCIS.

What is form G-325A used for?

The Purpose of the USCIS Form The information collected on Form G-325A, Biographic Information (for Deferred Action) allows the USCIS to check the applicant’s or petitioner’s background for the past five years. It’s essentially a short biography that they can use to start a background check on you or your sponsor.

Is G-325A required for I-485?

With the 2017 editions of Form I-129F, Form I-130, and Form I-485, USCIS no longer requires Form G-325A. The biographic information questions that were a part of form are now integrated with these petitions/applications.

Do I need to file G-325A for parents?

It’s not necessary to prepare and submit Form G-325A, Biographic Information, with your I-130 petition. Form G-325A was previously a requisite form when filing Form I-130 on behalf of a spouse. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) discontinued use of Form G-325A with the I-130 petition in early 2017.

Who needs to file g325a?

Form G-325A is now used only for deferred action requests for certain enlistees and designated family members of certain military personnel, veterans, and enlistees. Accordingly, USCIS renamed Form G-325A, “Biographic Information (for Deferred Action)”.

Who fills out the G-325A form?

Both your petitioner (i.e. spouse or relative with lawful permanent status (a green card) or U.S. citizenship) and you will need to fill out form G-325A if you are filing Form I-130, but only you will need to do so if you’re adjusting permanent status via Form I-485.

What does deferred action mean USCIS?

Deferred action is a use of prosecutorial discretion to defer removal action against an individual for a certain period of time. Deferred action does not provide lawful status.

Who fills out the g325a form?

What is the difference between form g-325a and form G325?

What’s the Difference Between Form G325A and Form G325? There aren’t clear instructions from USCIS as to who should use which form for biographic information but the “A” in Form G-325A is for the applicant’s use whereas the Form G-325 is for U.S. Citizens who are submitting a petition for the applicant.

What is form G 325a used for?

The primary use since late 2017 for Form G 325A is for deferred action. Deferred Action is defined by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, or USCIS, as “a discretionary determination to defer a deportation of an individual as an act of prosecutorial discretion”.

How much does it cost to fill out form G 325a?

The fee for filing this form is Free. Although the information requested from Form G 325A is pretty rudimentary, it is important that you fill it out carefully and with attention to detail. If you are uncertain about any of the questions that you need to answer, it is best to speak with an immigration lawyer for peace of mind.

When to fill out form g-325 for your spouse?

For example, if you are a U.S. citizen and you are filing a petition for your spouse who is immigrating to the United States with a marriage immigrant visa, you would fill out G-325 for yourself and G-325A for your spouse. The primary use since late 2017 for Form G 325A is for deferred action.