What is there to do at Malpensa airport?

What is there to do at Malpensa airport?

6 things to do on a layover at Milan Malpensa Airport

  • Enjoy a meal. If you like Italian food (who doesn’t?), you’re in luck here!
  • Relax in a lounge. Always wanted to check out an airport lounge?
  • Shop. As the city of fashion, it’s no surprise that Milan’s style extends to its international airport.
  • Go sightseeing.
  • WiFi.
  • Sleep.

Which terminal does easyJet use at Milan Malpensa?

Terminal 1
– easyJet departs from Terminal 1 at Milan Malpensa airport. – Our Bag Drop is located in Area 30 of the terminal building and is clearly visible with our orange branding.

How many terminals does Malpensa Milan have?

Milan Malpensa is the intercontinental airport of Milan. With its wide range of destinations throughout the world, it is the main hub of northern Italy. Malpensa operates with two passenger terminals (Malpensa Terminal 1 and Malpensa Terminal 2) and a cargo terminal (Malpensa Cargo).

How much is it from Malpensa to Milan?

Milan Malpensa Airport to Milan Central Station by train

Journey time From 52m
Price From €13
Distance 26 miles (42 km)
Frequency 42 trains per day
First train 00:26

Does the Milan airport closed?

Are the airports open? Airports are always open even during the night, with some restrictions of the areas where cleaning and disinfection activities take place. Commercial Aviation passenger traffic is currently concentrated on both Milano Linate airport and Terminal 1 of Milan Malpensa airport.

Which is the best Milan airport to fly into?

What is the best airport to fly into in Milan?

  • Milan Linate is the best airport to fly into in Milan, it is the closest to the city centre, just 11 km away.
  • Malpensa airport is the primary hub for air transport in Milan but it is further from the city centre 51 kilometres away.