What is the use of filter in Cognos?

What is the use of filter in Cognos?

Filters are used to limit the data that you want in your report. You can apply one or more filters in a Cognos report and the report returns the data that meet the filter conditions. You can create various custom filters in a report as per the requirement.

What is Cognos Dynamic Cubes?

IBM® Cognos® Dynamic Cubes adds an in-memory relational OLAP component to the dynamic query mode server to provide a multidimensional view of a relational data warehouse with accelerated performance. You can then perform OLAP analysis using the Cognos Dynamic Cubes server.

What is exploration in Cognos?

Explore is a flexible workspace where you can discover and analyze data. You can also explore an existing visualization from a dashboard or story. Uncover hidden relationships and identify patterns that turn your data into insights.

What are the two types of filters in Cognos?

Static filter.

  • Dynamic filter (or) parameterized filter (or) prompt.
  • What are dynamic cubes and how would you administer them?

    Dynamic cubes are published as OLAP data sources to IBM® Cognos® Content Manager. Administrators perform a number of tasks before dynamic cubes can be used by the IBM Cognos studios to create reports and analyses, and can perform additional tasks to manage or optimize the performance of dynamic cubes.

    What are dynamic cubes and can they be used with the application the company is developing?

    Dynamic Cubes use the Dynamic Query Mode to retrieve source data and resolve user queries. Dynamic Cubes are an in-memory technology so the downfall is that extra physical memory will need be added to the server. Sizing will require an extra 10 GB of RAM for small environments up to 150 GB of RAM in large environments.

    How do I run a background report in Cognos?


    1. In IBM Cognos Connection, for the report that you want to run, click the Run with options button.
    2. Click Advanced options.
    3. Under Time and mode, click Run in the background, and then click Now or Later.
    4. Under Format, click the formats you want for the report output.

    How do I use JavaScript in Cognos Report Studio?

    Similar to work on any other web pages, there are two ways you can insert JavaScript into a Cognos report. You can reference pre-written JavaScript using the syntax <b>js”> or simply embed the code directly on the page with the