What is the structure of the motor end plate?

What is the structure of the motor end plate?

The muscular component is a region of the muscle fiber referred to as the motor end plate. Between the synaptic end bulbs of the neuron and the cell membrane of the muscle fiber (the sarcolemma) lies a space known as the synaptic cleft, which is the final component of the neuromuscular junction.

What is the motor endplate?

The specialized postsynaptic region of a muscle cell. The motor endplate is immediately across the synaptic cleft from the presynaptic axon terminal. Among its anatomical specializations are junctional folds which harbor a high density of cholinergic receptors.

What does an endplate contain?

transmission of nerve impulse This receptor, called the end plate, is a glycoprotein composed of five subunits. Other neurotransmitter receptors do not have the same structure, but they are all proteins and probably have subunits with a central channel that is activated by the neurotransmitter.

What type of neuron ends at a motor end plate?

NEUROMUSCULAR JUNCTION Neuromuscular junctions, also called motor end plates, are specialised chemical synapses formed at the sites where the terminal branches of the axon of a motor neuron contact a target muscle cell.

What is the correlation of the motor end plate with the skeletal muscles?

Motor End-Plate and Innervation At the NMJ, the axon terminal releases ACh. The motor end-plate is the location of the ACh-receptors in the muscle fiber sarcolemma. When ACh molecules are released, they diffuse across a minute space called the synaptic cleft and bind to the receptors.

Why is synapse termed as motor end plate?

The synapse for which most is known is the one formed between a spinal motor neuron and a skeletal muscle cell. The particular synapse made between a spinal motor neuron and skeletal muscle cell is called the motor endplate because of its specific structure.

What is the motor end plate quizlet?

– Motor end plate—the muscle fiber membrane in which the sarcolemma is tightly folded and where nuclei and mitochondria are abundant. – Synaptic cleft—space between the synaptic end bulb and motor end plate.

What is motor end plate Class 11?

Hint: Motor end plate is a chemical synapse junction. It helps the motor neuron to transmit signal to the fibres of muscles which causes muscle contraction. It initiates the secretion of acetylcholine which helps in transmission of impulses. Complete answer: The motor end plate is known as neuromuscular junction.

How many motor end plates does a muscle fiber have?

one motor end plate
Motor Units. Each muscle fiber receives only one motor end plate, but the number of muscle fibers innervated by a single alpha motor neuron axon varies from a few to many.

What is the name of the site on a muscle fiber where a motor neuron connects?

the neuromuscular junction
A motor neuron connects to a muscle at the neuromuscular junction, where a synaptic terminal forms a synaptic cleft with a motor-end plate. The neurotransmitter acetylcholine diffuses across the synaptic cleft, causing the depolarization of the sarcolemma.

What kind of receptors are found at the motor end plate quizlet?

in addition to the post junctional receptors on the motor endplate, acetylcholine receptors can also be found outside the neuromuscular junction and are called extra-junctional receptors. they are found in their greatest concentration around the end plate in the peri-junctional zone.

Is motor end plate the same as neuromuscular junction quizlet?

A synaptic cleft is a physical space between the axon terminal and sarcolemma; A neuromuscular junction is composed of axon terminal, synaptic cleft, and motor endplate; The motor endplate region of the sarcolemma is located between two adjacent T-tubules. You just studied 10 terms!