What is the relative location of Kutaisi?

What is the relative location of Kutaisi?

/  42.25000°N 42.70000°E  / 42.25000; 42.70000 Kutaisi ( / kuːˈtaɪsiː /, Georgian: ქუთაისი [kʰutʰɑisi]) is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world and the third-most populous city in Georgia, traditionally, second in importance, after the capital city of Tbilisi.

What is the Kutaisi city council?

The Kutaisi city council (Sakrebulo) governs the city alongside the Mayor. The most recent city council election was held on October 2 2021, and the results were as follows:

What are the free industrial zones in Kutaisi?

There are two free industrial zones in Kutaisi: The Kutaisi free industrial zone (Kutaisi FIZ) and the Hualing free industrial zone (Hualing FIZ). The Kutaisi FIZ was created in 2009 and was established on the initiative of Fresh Electric, an Egypt -based home appliances producer.

What is the landscape of Kutaisi like?

Kutaisi is surrounded by deciduous forests to the northeast and the northwest. The low-lying outskirts of the city have a largely agricultural landscape. The city centre has many gardens and its streets are lined with high, leafy trees.

What is Kutaisi famous for?

The city was the capital of the Kutais Governorate, which included much of west Georgia. In March 1879, the city was the site of a blood libel trial that attracted attention all over Russia; the ten accused Jews were acquitted. Kutaisi was a major industrial center before Georgia’s independence on 9 April 1991.

Is Kutaisi a good place to live in Georgia?

One of many friendly faces at the Green Bazaar in Kutaisi, Georgia. All in all, I think Kutaisi is a wonderful city to base yourself for a few days. It’s a good spot to break up the east-west journey between Tbilisi and Svaneti or Batumi.

What happened to Kutaisi?

Kutaisi was a major industrial center before Georgia’s independence on 9 April 1991. Independence was followed by the economic collapse of the country, and, as a result, many inhabitants of Kutaisi have had to work abroad.