What is the purpose of the VFW Ladies Auxiliary?

What is the purpose of the VFW Ladies Auxiliary?

Since 1914, the VFW Auxiliary has united Americans from all walks of life with a common purpose: to improve the lives of veterans, service members and their families, and our communities. Our programs are designed to bring needed services, information and assistance to these target groups.

How much are VFW Auxiliary dues?

Annual dues are $50.00 per year. Completed membership application, proof of eligibility and payment of annual dues must be sent to National Headquarters.

What does the W stand for in VFW?

The Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), formally the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States, is an organization of U.S. war veterans, who, as military service members fought in wars, campaigns, and expeditions on foreign land, waters, or airspace.

What are the benefits of joining the VFW?

Member Benefits

  • Insurance Programs. VFW members have access to exclusive insurance and life planning products.
  • Financial Services. Make sure you’re making the most of your money with these services.
  • Publication Subscriptions.
  • Technology and Electronics.
  • Travel Services.
  • VFW PerkSpot Discount Program.
  • Retail Discounts.
  • Haircuts.

Can you drink at the VFW?

Generally, no. VFW actually means Veterans of Foreign Wars. Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on your views, there are actually very few of us that ARE veterans of foreign war. Because of that, most VFWs offer “guest” memberships that allow non-veterans to drink and dine at VFW halls.

Can you join the VFW with a general discharge?

Assuming that a person is a United States citizen or United States national and has an honorable discharge from the U.S. armed forces, it only remains to be proven that the person has earned a recognized campaign medal or badge; served in Korea between June 30, 1949, until present; or earned Hostile Fire or Imminent …

How do you become a VFW Auxiliary?

Eligibility Requirements for the VFW Auxiliary Membership: Members must be citizens of the United States or a United States National, and at least 16 years old. Those eligible are: Husband/Wife. Widower/Widow….

  1. Veterans Service Records.
  2. eVetRecs (24 hour Service)
  3. Military Records Request Using Standard Form 180 (SF180)

Are American Legion and VFW the same?

VFW membership is limited to veterans who served in a war zone. American Legion is limited to veterans who served during war time, but without being in a war zone.

What happens when you join the VFW?

By becoming a VFW Life member, you make a lifetime commitment to serving your fellow service members and veterans. That’s something to take great pride in. You’ll also enjoy many great benefits of being a Life member! Receive a 10% discount on exclusive VFW Store merchandise for the first year.

How to join the VFW Auxiliary?

– Your veteran family member must be an American citizen with the documentation to prove it. – Step-children or step-parents and half-siblings qualify for this type of membership. – Unfortunately, military connections with nieces or nephews, cousins, in-laws, uncles or aunts, and great-relatives don’t qualify you for VFW Auxiliary membership.

What are the requirements to join the VFW?

I’m active duty.

  • Can the VFW assist me with my VA claim?
  • How do I make a donation to the VFW?
  • What programs and services does the VFW provide?
  • How do I get copies of my military records,such as a DD-214?
  • Does the VFW endorse political candidates or any individuals running for public office?
  • How can I donate a vehicle to a veteran or military family?
  • What is the VFW purpose?

    – Veteran fellowship – Serve veterans – Veterans’ voice

    Who can join VFW Club?

    – Veterans Service Records: http://www.archives.gov/veterans/military-service-records/ – 4-Step Veteran Request Process: https://vetrecs.archives.gov/VeteranRequest/home.html – Military Records Request Using Standard Form 180 (SF-180): http://www.archives.gov/veterans/military-service-records/standard-form-180.html