What is the purpose of ARESTIN?

What is the purpose of ARESTIN?

ARESTIN is indicated as an adjunct to scaling and root planing procedures for reduction of pocket depth in patients with adult periodontitis. ARESTIN may be used as part of a periodontal maintenance program which includes good oral hygiene and scaling and root planing.

When should ARESTIN be used?

ARESTIN is applied to infected pockets in the gums immediately after a scaling and root planing (SRP) has been completed. Your dental professional may apply ARESTIN during the same visit as your SRP or during a follow-up visit.

What is ARESTIN and atridox?

Like Arestin, ATRIDOX gradually releases antibiotic medication to treat ongoing disease. ATRIDOX contains an antibiotic called doxycycline-hyclate. It kills bacteria associated with periodontal diease to stop the disease’s progression. Pairing antibiotic treatment with SRP has shown that most thorough results.

How long is ARESTIN effective?

When placed in a periodontal pocket, ArestinĀ® maintains a high-level of antibiotic right at the gum disease site without exposing the rest of the body to antibiotics. This allows treatment using one-hundredth the usual pill-form dose. It directly fights the gum disease infection for 14 days.

Does minocycline affect sleep?

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Is ARESTIN a rip off?

Very often it’s a scam.

What are the side effects of ARESTIN?

Common side effects of Arestin include:

  • headache,
  • infection,
  • flu-like symptoms,
  • pain,
  • mouth irritation,
  • gum infection,
  • cavities,
  • dental pain,

What is the cost of Arestin?

The cost of Arestin varies from office to office and depends on the number of teeth and pockets involved. Each pocket greater than 5mm will require one dose and is considered one site. Each tooth can potentially have six sites that might require Arrestin. Most dental offices charge between $45 and $85 per site.

Is Arestin a rip off?

What are the side effects of Arestin?