What is the purpose of a LayoutInflater while writing a custom Adapter from a BaseAdapter?

What is the purpose of a LayoutInflater while writing a custom Adapter from a BaseAdapter?

This function is automatically called when the list item view is ready to be displayed or about to be displayed. In this function we set the layout for list items using LayoutInflater class and then add the data to the views like ImageView, TextView etc.

Which one is from BaseAdapter class method?

Common base class of common implementation for an Adapter that can be used in both ListView (by implementing the specialized ListAdapter interface) and Spinner (by implementing the specialized SpinnerAdapter interface)….BaseAdapter.


How do you use a base Adapter?

To use the BaseAdapter with a ListView, a concrete implementation the BaseAdapter class that implements the following methods must be created:

  1. int getCount()
  2. Object getItem(int position)
  3. long getItemId(int position)
  4. View getView(int position, View convertView, ViewGroup parent)

When you’re using a BaseAdapter how many method must be implemented?

four methods
What’s more, the BaseAdapter already provides common implementations for many of the interfaces so you don’t have to override these unless there is a specific need. At a minimum, you will need to implement four methods.

What is the difference between ArrayAdapter and BaseAdapter in Android?

Here is the difference: BaseAdapter is a very generic adapter that allows you to do pretty much whatever you want. However, you have to do a bit more coding yourself to get it working. ArrayAdapter is a more complete implementation that works well for data in arrays or ArrayList s.

What is an ArrayAdapter in Android?

ArrayAdapter is an Android SDK class for adapting an array of objects as a datasource. Adapters are used by Android to treat a result set uniformly whether it’s from a database, file, or in-memory objects so that it can be displayed in a UI element. The ArrayAdapter is useful for the latter.

What is the use of Adapter in ListView?

An Adapter object acts as a bridge between an AdapterView and the underlying data for that view. The Adapter provides access to the data items. The Adapter is also responsible for making a View for each item in the data set.

What is an ArrayAdapter in android?

What is Scrollview and ListView explain anyone with suitable example?

In Android, a ScrollView is a view group that is used to make vertically scrollable views. A scroll view contains a single direct child only….XML attributes of ScrollView.

Attribute Description
android:fillViewport Defines whether the scrollview should stretch its content to fill the viewport.