What is the price of Suzuki 110 bike in Pakistan?

What is the price of Suzuki 110 bike in Pakistan?

The price of this bike is PKR 199,000.

Which is the most expensive Suzuki bike?

The most expensive Suzuki bike is Hayabusa priced at Rs 16.40 Lakh.

What is price of Suzuki bike in Pakistan?

All Product Prices

Variant Price
GS 150 Euro II 150cc PKR 197,000/- Book Now
GS 150SE Euro II 150cc PKR 214,000/-
Prices effective from : February 1, 2021

Which is the best bike of Suzuki?

Most popular Suzuki bike below 1.5 lakh is Suzuki Gixxer SF….Suzuki Bikes Under 1.5 lakh.

Suzuki Bikes Under 1.5 Lakh Price Mileage
Gixxer SF 1.33 Lakh 47 kmpl
Gixxer 150 1.22 Lakh 64 kmpl
Intruder 150 1.28 Lakh 42 kmpl

What is Suzuki GD 110s price in Pakistan?

Suzuki GD 110s provides a compression ratio of 9.5:1. The ground clearance of 140mm makes this bike suitable for bumpy roads of Pakistan. The dry weight of 108KG indicates towards the durability of the bike. Suzuki GD 110s price in Pakistan is PKR 181,000. Suzuki GD 110s has an above average resale value in Pakistan.

What is the price of Suzuki sprinter Eco in Pakistan?

Suzuki Sprinter ECO Price in Pakistan is PKR 199000 and Suzuki GD 110S Price in Pakistan is PKR 199000. Check out a detailed comparison of Suzuki Sprinter ECO VS Suzuki GD 110S Which bikes are similar to Suzuki GD 110S?

What are the dimensions of Suzuki GD 110s?

The Suzuki GD 110S comes with a single-cylinder, 4-Stroke, Air-cooled, SOHC engine that has a displacement of 113 cc. The bore and stroke measurements in the GD 110S are 51.0 x 55.2 while the compression ratio is 9.5:1. The capacity of the fuel tank in this bike is 9.0 liters. The over all dimensions of the GD 110S are 1,900 x 750 x 1,050 mm.

What is better Honda pridor or Suzuki GD 110s?

Honda Pridor is a strong competitor of Suzuki GD 110S in the pakistani market. It has a higher resale value, better build quality and better performance than the GD 110S. Suzuki GD 110S beats Pridor with better compression ratio and better mileage.