What is the power of Danaya in Encantadia?

What is the power of Danaya in Encantadia?

Later, Danaya remembered that she has a power to transform into any pashnea which she used to escape. Asval saw “Avria” and asked what is the Queen of Etheria doing in her palace.

How old is Danaya?

When Amihan became queen and became the mother of Lira, she is around 18 years old, Pirena around 22, Alena around 17 and Danaya around 16. Muyak mentioned that Danaya’s age is roughly 30 years old or more when Lira first saw her.

Who is the strongest character in Encantadia?

The brilyantes control aspects of nature and grant their keepers related powers and abilities. Due to their vast powers, whosoever holds the most number of gems is the most powerful being in Encantadia.

What is the real name of Danaya?

Danaya is a sound anagram of Diana, the respective name of her role’s actress Diana Zubiri. In the new Encantadia Series, Diana Zubiri also portrayed a new character named “LilaSari” with Sunshine Dizon who portrayed Pirena will also be portraying a new character named “Adhara”.

Who is aquil in Encantadia?

Aquil (formerly Mashna Aquil) is the former general of the Diwata army in Lireo, and the love interest of Sang’gre Danaya. He went on a self-imposed exile after the coronation of Danaya as the new Hara of Lireo. Currently, he is back in Lireo as a civilian.

Who is the father of Alena and Danaya?

Enuo is a Sapiryan who rescued infant Amihan from Gurna. He became the father of Alena and Danaya.

Is Cassiopeia an Etherian?

Cassiopea is half Etherian and half Diwata, thus giving her strong and massive powers. Magic- Cassiopea was trained by Evades in the Magical Arts, teaching her that the key to this power is her mind. She is an incredibly powerful Magician, even capable of creating life (Cassandra).

Who is real queen of Encantadia?

After the war between Sapiro and Hathoria, Lireo emerged as the foremost power in Encantadia. Its queen is sometimes called the Queen of Encantadia, as she is also de facto ruler of Sapiro and Adamya.

How do you pronounce Danaya?

Phonetic spelling of Danaya

  1. Dah-nay-ah.
  2. danaya. Wayne Roberts.
  3. Danaya.

Who is the father of aquil in Encantadia?

Profile. Aquil and Muros getting ready to fight Aquil is the leader of the army of Lireo and the son of the Lirean soldier Amarro. In the story, Danaya fell in love with him.

Who is IMAW in Encantadia?

Imaw is the leader of the Adamyan race. Unlike the other three realms in Encantadia, the Adamyan leader does not possess the title of King or Queen. No relative of Imaw have been shown so far. Imaw receives the Water Gem from Cassiopea in his capacity as leader of the Adamyans.

Who is Agane in Encantadia?

Agane was played by Leila Kuzma in the first book of 2005-2006 series. In the original version, she was killed by Alena after she stabbed Hitano during the Hathor War.

Who is Queen Danaya in Encantadia?

Do you like this video? Danaya (Sang’gre Danaya) or Hara (Queen) Danaya is one of the powerful diwata and deuteragonist in the Encantadia Series. She is the 6th Queen of Lireo and the third designated keeper of the Gem of Earth (Tagalog: Brilyante ng Lupa) successing her mother Minea, and the King of Sapiro, Armeo.

What kind of character is Danaya?

Known as the youngest of Minea’s daughters and the keeper of the Earth Gem, Danaya is a feisty and cunning fighter whose loyalty to the throne and laws of Lireo is absolute. Because of her relative youth, she is prone to mischief and petty arguments (especially with her niece, Lira), but always has her heart (and mind) in the right place.

What is Danaya’s job?

Danaya is the one of the four elemental Sang’gres and is the keeper of the Jewel of Earth. At the conclusion of the first series she became the queen of Lireo.

Who is Danaya of Lireo?

Sang’gre Danaya of Lireo was the sixth Hara of Lireo. She is the youngest daughter of Queen Minea of Lireo and Enuo. She is also the keeper of the Earth Gem . Although she was the youngest of Minea’s children, Danaya believed that she was worthy of the Lirean throne as much as her elder sisters.