What is the percent composition of chalcopyrite?

What is the percent composition of chalcopyrite?

Chalcopyrite contains 34.5% Cu, 30.5% Fe, and 35.0% S. The mineral is the principal source of copper metal, and one of the major source of sulfur.

What is the empirical formula of chalcocite?


Chemical Formula: Cu2S
Composition: Molecular Weight = 159.16 g
Sulfur 0.00 %
Copper 0.00 %
Empirical Formula: Cu2S

What is the mass percent of copper in chalcopyrite CuFeS2?

Chalcopyrite, the principal ore of copper (Cu), contains 34.63 percent Cu by mass.

What is the percent composition of chalcopyrite CuFeS2?

Chalcopyrite Mineral Data

General Chalcopyrite Information
Chemical Formula: CuFeS2
Composition: Molecular Weight = 183.53 gm
Iron 30.43 % Fe
Copper 34.63 % Cu

What is the formula of cinnabar?

Category Sulfide mineral
Formula (repeating unit) Mercury(II) sulfide, HgS
IMA symbol Cin
Strunz classification 2.CD.15a

What is the percentage of copper in chalcocite?

It has been mined for centuries and is one of the most profitable copper ores. The reasons for this is its high copper content (66.7% atomic ratio and nearly 80% by weight) and the ease at which copper can be separated from sulfur.

What is the minimum mass of chalcopyrite?

Space group I42d
Unit cell a = 5.289 Å, c = 10.423 Å; Z = 4
Formula mass 183.54 g/mol

What is the formula of copper glance?

Copper glance has the formula Cu2S suggesting that S2− ion is bonded to two Cu+ ions making it a cuprous compound.

What mineral group is chalcopyrite in?

sulfide minerals
Chalcopyrite (Cu2Fe2S4) is a member of a group of sulfide minerals that crystallize in the tetragonal system; the group also includes stannite.