What is the oldest wizarding family?

What is the oldest wizarding family?

The elder Nott was one of the very early Death Eaters. Cantankerus Nott is widely believed to have authored the ‘Sacred Twenty-Eight’. Ollivander – Makers of fine wands since 382 BC, the Ollivanders could make quite a claim to being among the oldest wizarding families.

How many pureblood families are there?

The Sacred Twenty-Eight were, according to the author of the Pure-Blood Directory (widely believed to have been Cantankerus Nott), the twenty-eight British families that were still “truly pure-blood” by the 1930s. The Sacred Twenty-Eight comprised the families of: Abbott. Avery.

Are all pure-blood families related?

Most wizards and witches considered an individual to be a pure-blood if his or her parents and grandparents were not Muggles or Muggle-born. Most pure-blood families were related by then in an effort, by some, to retain their status by marrying only other pure-blood families, but it had eventually led to inbreeding.

Is Ron a pure-blood?

His first appearance was in the first book of the series, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, as the best friend of Harry Potter and Hermione Granger. He is a member of the Weasley family, a pure blood family that resides in “The Burrow” outside Ottery St. Catchpole.

Is Fleur Delacour a pure-blood?

Fleur Delacour is part Veela. So she is not a pureblood. Purebloods were considered 100 % mixtures of magical parents at least several generations back. However, all the magical families had some infusion of muggle blood at some time in their past.

Is Marlene McKinnon a pureblood?

Marlene was born on August 1, 1960 to Michael and Melissa McKinnon. She is their fourth child and only girl. She is a half-blood witch, as her mother is a pure-blood and her father is a muggle. Marlene is the cousin to Pure-Blood Wizard Preston Fawley.

Who is the purest wizarding family?

Who is the ‘purest’ Wizarding family?

  • The Longbottoms. Look at Neville Longbottom – he’s pure-blood and he can hardly stand a cauldron the right way up.
  • The Gaunts.
  • The Malfoys and The Blacks.
  • The Lestranges.
  • The Weasleys.

What is the most powerful pureblood family?

With this in mind, this list has been updated with further names that had a significant position in the Wizarding world.

  1. 1 Potter Family. It really couldn’t be any other family.
  2. 2 Weasley Family.
  3. 3 Malfoy Family.
  4. 4 Longbottom Family.
  5. 5 Scamander Family.
  6. 6 Lestrange Family.
  7. 7 Black Family.
  8. 8 Selwyn Family.

Are all Slytherins pure-blood?

No. While Slytherin House is the only one to place any importance on blood purity, they do not seem to prioritize it (part of this may be because there are so few pure-bloods left). There have been half-bloods in Slytherin, most notably Voldemort, Umbridge, Snape, and Albus Potter.

Are the Weasleys Irish?

Well, they are Irish.

Why are the Weasleys still pureblood?

All the Weasleys (born before the end of the War) are Pure Blood – their marriages do not change their blood status. They remain Pure Blood regardless. However, if Ron and Hermione’s children married Pure Bloods, then their children would still be considered Half-Blood as their grandmother is a Muggle-born.

Is Dumbledore pureblood?

No, Dumbledore is not a pure-blood, but in fact, he is a half-blood. Although both of his parents were magical, his mother was a Muggle-born, which technically gives Albus the status of a half-blood.

What is a pureblood family?

Pureblood families were those Wizarding families still considered to be completely pure by the 2010s. In order to be classified and recognized among its peers as a Pureblood, a family had to prove that all of its ancestors, for as far back as possible (most Houses could trace their forbearers to the Dark Ages), were also Purebloods.

What is pure-blood Wizardry?

Pure-blood is the term for wizard families who claim to have no Muggles or Muggle-borns in their family tree; however, when traced back far enough, nearly every family tree had some non-magical ancestors.

Can pure-bloods have Muggles in their family?

Some pure-blood families could trace their pure-blood status through many generations of magical ancestors and deny ever having any Muggles within the family, such as the House of Black, the motto of which is “Toujours pur”, meaning “Always (or Still) Pure”.

Is there such a thing as a pureblood in Harry Potter?

This term, however, is not known to have appeared in any official Harry Potter media. The nuance with “pureblood” may be that while the child of a half-blood and a pureblood counts as a pureblood, a trueblood can only be the child of two purebloods. That is however unconfirmed.

Why is Dumbledore not in the sacred 28?

The Potter family was excluded from the list because it was also a common Muggle surname, and that Henry Potter also took an outspoken pro-Muggle view during his time in the Wizengamot. The families who were proud of being included or who wished they had been labelled them “blood traitors” in retaliation.

Is Potter a sacred 28?

The Potter Family is not included in the Sacred 28 because the author of the list judged from their common Muggle name that they came from “tainted blood” (Pm). The Weasley Family is included due to their family tree, but they are considered “Blood Traitors” for being pro-Muggle (Pm).

When was the sacred 28 made?

The Sacred 28, or Sacred Twenty-Eight, was an anonymous document published in the 1930s, which contained a list of 28 families still considered to be “truly” Pure-blood.

Are the Potters pure blood?

The Potter family was pure blood, but without the prejudices of a lot of other pure blood families, evidenced by the fact that James marries a muggleborn.

What are the pureblood families?

Known pure-blood families

Pure-blood family Current status Known pure-blood members
Max Unknown Ella Black née Max
Moody Most likely extinct Alastor Moody
Nott Extant Cantankerus Nott, Theodore Nott
Ollivander Extant, but no longer pure-blood Gervaise Ollivander, Gerbold Ollivander, Geraint Ollivander

Are the Weasleys pureblood?

Weasley was the surname of a pure-blood wizarding family in Great Britain. They were considered one of the prominent wizarding families, although their lack of money and their sympathy for Muggle-born wizards and even Muggles made other wizards and witches view them scornfully.

Are all the pureblood families related?

Most pure-blood families were related by then in an effort, by some, to retain their status by marrying only other pure-blood families, but it had eventually led to inbreeding. This refusal of marrying Muggles or Muggle-borns had led to difficulty in propagating their families.

Are the Weasleys and black Related?

The Weasleys descend from Cedrella Black, a granddaughter of Phineas Nigellus Black. Sirius Black, Bellatrix Lestrange and Narcissa Malfoy all descend from Pollux Black (left). Phineas Nigellus Black is Sirius’ great-great-grandfather and Arthur’s great-grandfather, making the two men second cousins once removed.