What is the Music Man SUB series?

What is the Music Man SUB series?

Sterling by Music Man S.U.B. The Sterling S.U.B series of bass guitars is the brand’s budget level basses with several variations. Overall, though, the S.U.B. basses are lighter, smaller, and more player-friendly.

Is Sterling a good bass?

The Sterling range of StingRay basses are fantastic quality. If you are interested in the world of the StingRay, these mid-range Sterling models are not so much an ‘affordable choice’ as they are ‘a clever buy’!

Where are Sterling sub basses made?

Built in Indonesia with the highest standards in mind, all Sterling by Music Man instruments are designed by Ernie Ball’s world class team of engineers.

What strings do Sterling basses come with?

Specifications, Schematics & More

Specifications Sterling
Pickups Standard – Music Man® humbucking with ceramic magnets and hum canceling phantom coil; Optional – Dual Humbucking with ceramic magnets
Left Handed Yes
Strings 45w-65w-80w-100w (Super Slinky Bass #2834)

What is sub bass in music?

Sub-bass sounds are the deep, low-register pitches below approximately 60 Hz (C2 in scientific pitch notation) and extending downward to include the lowest frequency humans can hear, approximately 20 Hz (E0). In this range, human hearing is less sensitive, so these notes tend to be felt more than heard.

What is the difference between Music Man and Sterling?

The biggest differences between the brands are country of origin — Music Man instruments are American-made in San Luis Obispo, California, while Sterling is made in Korea and Indonesia, and the SUB series of Sterling is made in China.

How good are Music Man guitars?

The fit, finish, and feel of both models are phenomenal, completely living up to the standards of quality that have earned Ernie Ball Music Man guitars their esteemed reputations over the years. The StingRay has a distinctive voice that’s bigger and warmer than an SG but brighter and livelier than a Les Paul.