What is the most sought after Martin Guitar?

What is the most sought after Martin Guitar?

11930 Martin OM-45 Deluxe – $300,000 This is considered the Holy Grail of guitars and is a highly sought after instrument.

Is a Martin Guitar a good investment?

Rarity and quality are two key determiners of investment value, and Martin guitars made before World War II are both rare and excellent in quality. These acoustic guitars are known for great sounds and were used by many prominent musicians, making them valuable.

What is a 000 size guitar body?

000 Guitars The 000, or the “auditorium,” is slightly different. However, its scale length is the same, measuring at 24.9 inches. The body length is 19.3 inches, the depth is 4.1 inches, while the width is 15 inches. The scale length is 25.4 inches and it features a slightly wider nut.

Is 000 a parlor guitar?

Smaller than Martin’s 0 (with a 13 1/2” lower bout), parlor guitars were designed to be comfortably played in one’s parlor or porch with a 12-fret neck. Larger than a 0, the 00 usually has around a 14 1/8” lower bout and a 12-fret neck. 000. Larger than a 00, the 000 usually has a 15” or wider lower bout.

Why buy a Martin 000-15sm acoustic guitar?

The Martin 000-15SM acoustic guitar is an excellent choice for singer-songwriters with deep voices or anyone looking for the glowing warmth only an all-mahogany guitar will provide. With its top, back, and sides all made from genuine solid mahogany, the 000-15SM delivers an almost electric-sounding depth of tone and sustain.

How much does a Martin guitars cost?

With a list of $1,849 and a street price of $1,399 (and that’s with a good case), it’s almost hard to believe that this guitar is a Martin, as so many of the company’s guitars, while admittedly excellent, are out of the reach of the casual player.

Why buy a mahogany Martin 000 guitar?

It also accounts for perhaps the only elements of glitz on the guitar—polished nickel open-gear tuners, that for all their shining elegance are practically invisible as you view the guitar from the front. Few guitars can simultaneously conjure airs of refined civility and down-home simplicity quite like a mahogany Martin 000.

What kind of headstock does a Martin 000 have?

The Martin 000-size 12-fret neck features a slotted headstock. Satisfy your desire with an affordable solid wood guitar that is visually distinctive and innovative. Due to material availability this guitar is designed with either a tortoise pattern or black pickguard.