What is the most popular Burberry scent?

What is the most popular Burberry scent?

Her Eau de Parfum One of Burberry’s most popular scents, Her is a vibrant fragrance with notes of black currant, blueberry, raspberry, jasmine accord, violet accord, musk, and dry amber.

Is Burberry touch sweet?

As soon as the temperatures are above 85F, Burberry Touch becomes a great, smooth, powdery, tuberose perfume. Not sweet, just green and resinous.

Is Burberry Touch made in Germany?


How long does Burberry Touch scent last?

You can expect the scent to last for five to six hours. As the cologne dries and wears off, the musk and spices in the base notes will become more noticeable.

How long does Burberry Touch last?

How does Burberry Touch perfume smell?

This fragrance is subtly fresh and clean with fruity notes of orange, black currant, dewberry, and peach. It also has a blend of sweet jasmine, Madonna lily, rose oil, and warm notes of cedarwood and vanilla. Burberry touch is soft and gentle and makes the perfect fragrance to wear on a brisk autumn day.

Is Burberry perfume made in Germany or France?

Burberry perfumes are made majority in France and Spain. However, you also have some produced in Germany.

Is Burberry Touch a strong cologne?

Burberry Touch* is one of the lighter colognes for men. The cologne’s body or mid notes are what give it a slightly spicy, masculine scent. Cedar and nutmeg are combined with the spice of white pepper. When the cologne settles, the subtle base notes appear.

Which perfume is best for men?

Made by well-known beauty brands such as Dior and Chanel

  • Mass-produced mainstream fragrances released for a more wide audience
  • More affordable,and often easier to “digest”
  • More trendy and ideal for casual fragrances lovers
  • Where can you purchase Burberry touch perfume?

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    What are the most popular Burberry perfumes?

    Fresh Spearmint. Mr Burberry Indigo opens with a blast of fresh lemon citrus and spearmint.

  • Super Safe&Versatile. This is super safe and versatile: dressed up,dressed down,all ages,and all occasions.
  • Subtle. Mr Burberry Indigo is an EDT and projects good for up to 2 hours…then becomes more subtle and sits close to the skin.
  • Where can you buy Burberry men products?


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