What is the meaning of Telenor?

What is the meaning of Telenor?

Telenor means Telenor Mobile Communications A.S., a company registered in Norway whose registered address is Snaroyveien, Fornebu, 30 N-1331, Norway; Sample 2.

Which country is owner of Telenor?


Type State-owned Allmennaksjeselskap
Total equity NOK 43.3 billion (end 2019)
Owner Government of Norway (54%) Free float (46%)
Number of employees 20,044 (end 2019)
Website telenor.com

What is Telenor network?

Telenor Smart network is stable and reliable. In our network, all your data is secured and protected, because Smart network facilitates safe data transfer during internet browsing, while using advanced services for communication, organization, financial transactions or safe storage content.

How many employees does Telenor have?

Currently, Telenor Pakistan has a total subscriber base of 49 million with 26% cellular market share in Pakistan and more than 1,300 employees.

Who is the CEO of Telenor?

Sigve Brekke (Aug 17, 2015–)Telenor / CEO

Is Telenor working in Pakistan?

With a network of over 11,000 sites, Telenor Pakistan covers over 80% of Pakistan’s population.

Does Telenor work in Germany?

The minute, SMS and airtime credit quotas available for use outside the Telenor network are also available in the EU. Once a quota is exhausted, or in the absence of a quota, the rates of the tariff package applicable to other mobile networks outside the network are applied.

Is Telenor merging with Zong?

On the other hand, Zong will not merge with Telenor because it does not believe in buying customers. This has happened before and the company has decided to grow instead of acquiring Warid and its customers.

Who designed the Telenor logo?

The current Telenor logo was designed by Wolff Olins in 2007. Started off in 1855 as a state-operated monopoly, the Telenor is a Norwegian telecommunications company, is now one of the largest mobile telecommunications companies with operations in Scandinavia.

What does Telenor mean?

Not to be confused with Telemor, a telecom company in Timor-Leste. Telenor was founded in 1995 when Televerket was turned into a limited company. The logo and identity for the new company were created by Landor Associates in London, who also came up with the name with the Oslo agency Alfa & Omega. The symbol was designed to be ‘warm and friendly’.

When did Telenor change its name?

At the same time, the Telenor subsidiaries Sonofon and Cybercity (Denmark), Pannon (Hungary) and ProMonte (Montenegro) adopted Telenor’s symbol, retaining their local names for the time being, but they were renamed to Telenor on 18 May 2010. 1 Sold to PPF Group in 2018 with the Telenor brand continuing.

Telenor headquarter eastern section, containing Telenor Broadcast and Telenor Norway. CEO Sigve Brekke, who heads the Telenor Group since August, 2015. Former CEO Fredrik Baksaaas (left) with Ericsson CEO Carl-Henrik Svanberg, 2008. Old style Telenor Mobile SIM, with the former company logo.