What is the meaning of Eobiont?

What is the meaning of Eobiont?

/ (ˌiːəʊˈbaɪənt) / noun. a hypothetical chemical precursor of a living cell.

Is EOB a word?

EOB noun (IN BUSINESS) abbreviation for end of business: the end of the working day or the business day: Could you let me have your projections by EOB Friday? COB, COD, EOB and EOD are all used interchangeably.

Is EOD a word?

EOD noun (IN BUSINESS) abbreviation for end of day: used, especially in business, to mean the end of the working day: I need results by EOD.

What is meaning of acquired characters?

acquired character, in biology, modification in structure or function acquired by an organism during its life, caused by environmental factors.

What does Coacervate mean?

Coacervate (/koʊəˈsɜːrvət/ or /koʊˈæsərveɪt/) is an aqueous phase rich in macromolecules such as synthetic polymers, proteins or nucleic acids. The dispersed droplets of dense phase are also called coacervates, micro-coacervates or coacervate droplets.

What is the purpose of an EOB?

EOB stands for Explanation of Benefits. This is a document we send you to let you know a claim has been processed.

Does EOD mean midnight?

EOD is shortened term from “end of day”. Apart from that, people often use it to represent the full workday, which lasts from the moment the work started (9:00) to the moment it starts again next day (9:00 next day) or as a way to mark full day as a whole, which means the end of day would be midnight.

What is BOD abbreviation?


Acronym Definition
BOD Beauty of the Day (Tank Girl)
BOD Biological Oxygen Demand
BOD Books on Demand
BOD Board Of Directors

What is class 10 acquired?

Acquired Traits An acquired trait is the character developed in an individual as a result of environmental influence. These traits are not coded by the DNA of a living organism and therefore cannot be passed on to future generations.

What are 5 examples of acquired traits?

Acquired traits develop during life (organism is not born with it) .

  • Examples -Things you learned (riding a bike, reading, writing), scars from injury,
  • Things that happened to you (short hair, broken bone)
  • Acquired Behavior Traits eg: playing musical instrument, dog learning tricks.
  • What is coacervate and protocell?

    Oparin to describe the proteinoid microspheres proposed to be primitive cells (protocells) on early Earth. Coacervate-like protocells are at the core of the Oparin-Haldane hypothesis. Liquid organelles share features with coacervate droplets and fueled the study of coacervates for biomimicry.