What is the largest bottle of Bombay Sapphire?

What is the largest bottle of Bombay Sapphire?

Bombay Sapphire Gin – 1.75L Bottle.

What percentage is Bombay Sapphire?

Bombay Sapphire is a brand of gin that was first launched in 1986 by English wine-merchant IDV. In 1997 Diageo sold the brand to Bacardi….Bombay Sapphire.

Type Gin
Distributor Bacardi
Country of origin England
Introduced 1986
Alcohol by volume 40% (UK, The Nordics, Cont. Europe, Canada, Australia) 47% (US and export/duty-free)

Is Bombay Sapphire bottle blue?

Our world famous gin in its distinctive blue bottle. Every drop contains 10 hand-selected botanicals from exotic locations around the world.

What is the best mixer for Bombay Sapphire dry gin?

Bombay Sapphire is perfectly balanced with lemon juice, MARTINI Bianco, Creme de Cacao Blanc (chocolate liqueur), and Blue Curacao (orange liqueur), creating a chocolate-orange sensation.

Which is the nicest gin?

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What is the best gin in UK?

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Why is Queen Victoria on Bombay Sapphire?

First launched in 1987, Bombay Sapphire’s distinctive blue bottle and image of Queen Victoria are designed to recall the glories of the British Raj in India and pay homage to the popularity of Gin during the era (particularly Pink Gin cocktails!). …