What is the largest alligator ever caught in Alabama?

What is the largest alligator ever caught in Alabama?

1,011.5 pounds
According to Jeff Dute of AL.com, Mandy Stokes, husband John Stokes and brother-in-law Kevin Jenkins and his two kids caught the gator in the Alabama River. An official weigh-in pegged it at 15 feet long and 1,011.5 pounds, making it the biggest gator ever legally killed in the state of Alabama.

What was the largest alligator ever recorded?

Louisiana Alligator The alligator which is claimed to be the largest to have been ever recorded was found on Marsh Island, Louisiana, in 1890. It was killed near Vermilion Bay in southern Louisiana. It measured 19.2 ft. (5.85 m) in length, and weighed somewhere around 2000 lbs – allegedly.

Where are the most alligators in Alabama?

Alligators prefer living in fresh water lakes and slow-moving rivers and their associated wetlands. In Alabama, they are commonly found near the coastal area.

How big is the biggest gator caught on Swamp People?

Large gator catches on Swamp People Willie has also made a fair few large catches, including a 522-pound alligator which History described as the “largest gator ever”. Another was Troy’s giant catch during season 8, which was 12 foot in length. It was caught while he went on the swamp with Chase and Holden.

Are crocodiles in Alabama?

No, there aren’t saltwater crocodiles in Alabama. We can see saltwater crocodiles in the neighbouring state of Florida, but not in Alabama. The closest animals are the freshwater alligators that tend to live inland in Alabama.

Where was the world record alligator caught?

The current world record alligator was taken by Mandy Stokes, of Thomaston, in August 2014. It measured 15 feet, 9 inches long and weighed 1,011.5 pounds. Stokes and her crew took the gator in Mill Creek, a tributary of the Alabama River.

Who won the $10000 on Swamp People?

Fans of the show know David LaDart and his stepson, Jeromy Pruitt, as a formidable alligator-hunting team. This season they came close to winning the $10,000 biggest gator bounty contest. However, Troy Landry and his brother Guy took home the prize after LaDart and Pruitt failed to get their massive catch back on time.

How much do alligator hunters make per gator?

Usually, alligator hunters work freelance and don’t make any money until they have an alligator to show. How much a hunter makes can vary greatly. However, some hunters report that they can earn up to $40 per foot of the alligator.