What is the formula of a saturated hydrocarbon?

What is the formula of a saturated hydrocarbon?

Since all the carbon-carbon bonds in cycloalkanes are single bonds, they are considered to be saturated hydrocarbons. Therefore, the general formula of a saturated hydrocarbon can be written as CnH(2n + 2 – 2r), where ‘r’ is the total number of rings in the molecule.

Is c2 h2 a saturated hydrocarbon?

Ethane, C2H6, is an alkane and is an example of a saturated hydrocarbon. Ethyne, C2H2, is an alkyne and is also an example of unsaturated hydrocarbon. Aromatic compounds are unsaturated hydrocarbons and contain a benzene ring.

Which is saturated hydrocarbon?

Hydrocarbons with only carbon-to-carbon single bonds (C–C) and existing as a continuous chain of carbon atoms also bonded to hydrogen atoms are called alkanes (or saturated hydrocarbons).

Are saturated hydrocarbons soluble in water?

Solubility. Unsaturated hydrocarbons, like saturated ones, are also non-polar. As a result, they also usually have low solubility in water. They are easier to dissolve in non-polar organic solvents such as benzene.

How do you calculate hydrocarbons?


  1. Given that the density of hydrocarbon at STP is 2.504gdm3.
  2. So.
  3. =molar volume at STP×density at STP.
  4. =22.4dm3mol×2.504gdm3≈56gmol.
  5. Let the molecular formula of HC be CxHy.
  6. CxHy+(x+y4)O2(g)→xCO2(g)+y2H2O(l)
  7. So by this equation the stochiometric ratio of HC and the CO2 produced on combustion is.
  8. 5.3mg16.6mg=5.316.6.

What is the structural formula of n Pentane?

C5H12Pentane / Formula

Is c3 h6 and unsaturated hydrocarbon?

It is named using the same stem as the alkane having the same number of carbon atoms but ends in -ene to identify it as an alkene. Thus the compound CH2=CHCH3 is propene….25.4: Unsaturated Hydrocarbons.

IUPAC Name propene
Molecular Formula C3H6
Condensed Structural Formula CH2=CHCH3
Melting Point (°C) –185
Boiling Point (°C) –47

What are the name and chemical formula of the saturated hydrocarbon?

Saturated hydrocarbons are given the general name of alkanes. The general formula for an alkane is CnH2n+2 where n is an integer greater than 0. When n is 1, the alkane is CH4which is methane. For n = 2, it is CH3CH3(C2C6) which is ethane.

What are hydrocarbons write the name and general formula of saturated?

The general formula of saturated hydrocarbons or alkanes is CnH2n+2 where n is the number of carbon atoms in one molecule of the alkane.

What are hydrocarbons write the name and general formula of saturated hydrocarbons?

These are simplest hydrocarbons in which carbon-carbon atoms and carbon-hydrogen atoms are held together by single bonds. They have Sp3 hybridised carbon atom and called as alkanes having a general formula CnH2n+2. Example: Ethane (C2H6) can also be written as CH3 – CH3.

What hydrocarbons are soluble in water?

Water is a polar solvent and hydrocarbons are nonpolar, so hydrocarbons are insoluble in water.

Why saturated hydrocarbons are excellent fuel?

Why saturated hydrocarbons are excellent fuel? Because of the flammability of saturated hydrocarbons that ultimately release a lot of energy , saturated hydrocarbons are often used as a fuel source of vehicle and airplane engines. Well known LPG or cooking gas is also a saturated hydrocarbon called butane (C 4 H 10 ).

How do you calculate the empirical formula of a hydrocarbon?

In any empirical formula problem you must first find the mass % of the elements in the compound.…

  • Then change the % to grams.…
  • Next,divide all the masses by their respective molar masses.…
  • Pick the smallest answer of moles and divide all figures by that.
  • What is the general formula of a hydrocarbon?

    Hydrocarbons are defined as the compounds which are composed of Hydrogen and Carbon atoms. (i)The names and general formula for saturated Hydrocarbons is Alkane and the formula is: C n H 2n+2.The ‘n’ represents number of carbon atoms in molecule of the alkane.

    What formula represents an unsaturated hydrocarbon?

    Alkenes – These unsaturated hydrocarbons are molecules that contain at least one carbon-to-carbon double bond. With the chemical formula consisting of molecules of CnH2n, alkenes are very common in the petrochemical industry; the simplest alkene is ethylene, or ethane. 3.