What is the Flathead axe used for?

What is the Flathead axe used for?

The flathead axe is one of the main tools that are used once you’ve gained entry to search a burning building for victims. The axe is gripped near the head and the haft is used as an extension of the arm to allow the fire fighter to search a larger area in zero-visibility conditions.

When a flat head axe and a Halligan are carried together what are they called?

The irons usually consist of an eight-pound flat-headed axe (also known as a forcible entry axe) and a 30-inch halligan bar. These two tools can marry together (see photo 1) to be easily carried in one arm. When these two tools are carried together it gives the user the options of prying, cutting and striking.

What are five of the tools most commonly used for forcible entry?

There are five (5) different groups of forcible entry tools; striking, prying, cutting, pulling, and through the lock.

Which of the following is used in conjunction with Flathead axe and Halligan bar to pull lock cylinders?

The K-tool is a tool used by many fire departments for forcible entry. It is used in conjunction with a Halligan bar and a flat-headed axe or maul (commonly referred to as “irons” or (with a maul instead of an axe) “heavy irons”) to remove a cylinder lock.

Do firefighters use axes?

Fire axes are among the most common firefighting tools. There are various types of firefighter axes; the two most used are the flat head fire axe and the pick head fire ax. Either can be used for smashing windows or doors to gain entry, or to chop holes in a roof for ventilation.

How much does a Halligan weigh?

The Halligan tool comes in two sizes – 30 inches, weighing 10.5 pounds, and 36 inches, weighing 12 pounds. It allows every firefighter force entry, rescue and ventilate without waiting for help.

What is the difference between a hooligan and a Halligan?

A Halligan bar (also called a Halligan tool or Hallagan, and is often referred to as a Hooligan Tool in various British and Australian fire services) is a forcible entry tool used by firefighters and law enforcement. One variant of the Halligan has a heavy sliding collar on the shaft.

What does the R stand for in Ric?

What does the “R” stand for in “RIC” Rapid.

Which tool is best for breaching a floor?

What is the best tool to use to breach a floor? Rotary saw, halligan, flathead axe, and hydraulic cutters.

What is the best tool to use when forcing overhead doors?

When given the order to open an overhead garage door most of us will gravitate toward a power saw. It is the fastest and most efficient tool for the job after all. Depending on the door construction, either we can use a rotary saw with a metal cutting fiber blade or a carbide tipped multi-purpose blade, or a chainsaw.