What is the fastest speed reached by a boat?

What is the fastest speed reached by a boat?

317.6 MPH
Spirit of Australia is currently the world’s fastest boat with a water speed record of an eye-watering 317.6 MPH. Just to put that in context, Nascar and Formula drivers reach top speeds of around 200 MPH.

What is the fastest speed of a speedboat?

317 miles per hour
Currently, the world record for fastest speed by a boat is 317 miles per hour (510 km/h). That’s right! Over 300 miles per hour… That record was set in 1978 by Australian Ken Warby in his speedboat called Spirit of Australia.

How many mph is 35 Knotts?

Beaufort Wind Force Wind
6 24 kts 28 mph 44 km/h 22-27 kts 25-31 mph 39-49 km/h
7 30 kts 35 mph 56 km/h 28-33 kts 32-38 mph 50-61 km/h
8 37 kts 43 mph 68 km/h 34-40 kts 39-46 mph 62-74 km/h

Is 21 knots fast for a ship?

So, if a cruise ship is sailing at a speed of 21 knots, you might compare that to roughly 24 mph. A cruise ship can typically reach a speed of around 30 knots, about two to three knots higher than its cruising speed, but it’s not likely to go that fast.

How fast does a 200 hp boat go?

You can expect speeds between 18 and 28 miles per hour for a 90 HP pontoon boat and speeds of between 37 and 45 miles per hour for a 200 horsepower pontoon boat.

Is 25 mph fast for a boat?

Pontoon boat speeds can surpass 30 MPH under the right conditions, with a few pontoon boats even reaching the 35 MPH mark thanks to larger engines and great conditions. This boat’s combination of speed and strength gives it a top boat speed of around 25 MPH, even when you have a few friends aboard weighing it down.

How do you judge boat speed?

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What is the fastest speed boat in the world?

– Name: HMCS Bras d’Or – Country: Canada – Top Speed: 63 knots [72 mph or 117 kmph] – Sustained Speed: 40 knots [46 mph or 74 kmph] – Displacement:240 ton – Range: 500 nautical miles | 575.4 miles | 926 km at 40 knots – Status: Retired. In a museum in Quebec

What are the best speed boats?

Bass Boats. —These are highly specialized boats with only one mission in mind: catching largemouth bass.

  • Multi-Species Boats. —These predators of America’s inland waterways have a more diverse appeal than bass boats,so they come in a wider range of flavors.
  • Aluminum Fishing Boats.
  • How to measure boat speed?

    – tape measure – life preserver – rope – stopwatch – calculator – pencil and paper