What is the difference between Jo Malone and Jo Loves?

What is the difference between Jo Malone and Jo Loves?

Jo Loves is a British niche perfume brand founded by perfumer Jo Malone in 2011 following her 2006 departure from Jo Malone London. She had founded that brand in 1994, and subsequently sold it to Estée Lauder Companies in 1999.

What is the most popular Jo Loves perfume?

10 Best Jo Loves Perfumes

  • Jo Loves Mango Thai Lime.
  • Jo Loves Red Truffle 21.
  • Jo Loves Orange Butterflies.
  • Jo Loves White Rose & Lemon Leaves.
  • Jo Loves Pomelo. Credit: Jo Loves.
  • Jo Loves Rose Petal 25. Credit: Jo Loves.
  • Jo Loves Smoked Plum & Leather. Credit: Jo Loves.
  • Jo Loves Green Orange & Coriander. Credit: Jo Loves.

Is Jo Malone owned by Estée Lauder?

Jo Malone London joined The Estée Lauder Companies’ family of brands in 1999 and is available in 69 countries and territories. Jo Malone London is a British lifestyle brand known for its unique fragrance portfolio and luxury products for the bath, body and home.

What company does Jo Malone own now?

Jo Malone London is a British perfume and scented candle brand, founded by Jo Malone in 1990. It has been owned since 1999 by Estée Lauder. The brand is known for its perfumes, candles, bath products, and room scents….Jo Malone London.

Type Subsidiary
Website Jo Malone London

Why did Jo Malone sell her business?

In 2016, Jo revealed that she put her career on hold to spend more time with her son – that’s why she left Estée Lauder. She said: “My only child, Josh, was five, and I wanted to be there each morning when he left for school, for each school pick-up, for each sports day and for each family dinner.

Can you buy Jo Loves in Ireland?

Jo Loves, created by none other than luxury fragrance brand Jo Malone is coming to Dublin. The brand which is currently available online only to Irish customers will now be available within the Space NK store on Grafton Street and will also be available from Space NK online (here).

What are Jo Loves candles made of?

The Jo by Jo Loves A Candle is hand poured in England to the highest standards to promote a clean even burn for up to 37.5 hours. With sparkling fruity notes of grapefruit, bitter orange, lime and spearmint, the fragrance enjoys a rich base of guaiac wood, cedar wood and vetiver, lifted by hedione and black pepper.

What was Jo Malone first fragrance?

Nutmeg & Ginger
Unlike many other perfumers, Ms. Malone had no formal training. While working as a facialist in London, she developed a scented lotion and body oil to give to her most loyal clients; the fragrance became Nutmeg & Ginger, the first Jo Malone scent.

Why is Jo Malone so popular?

Jo Malone London is a brand famous for its ‘unique fragrance portfolio,’ says South. ‘Having rewritten the rules of perfumery by mixing unexpected combinations of ingredients and providing elegant yet playful concepts where scent is used, we are known for pushing the boundaries of fragrance development. ‘