What is the demographic makeup of Canada?

What is the demographic makeup of Canada?


Total population
Canada: 38,436,447 (Q4 2021) Ethnic origins: 72.9% European 17.7% Asian 4.9% Indigenous 3.1% African 1.3% Latin American 0.2% Oceanian
Regions with significant populations
Map of the Canadian diaspora in the world
United States 1,062,640

What is the most diverse place in Canada?

That explains why Markham, with 336,000 residents, was named this year as Canada’s most diverse city by Statistics Canada, the nation’s equivalent of the U.S. Census Bureau.

What is the main demographic trend in Canada?

Canada’s population continues to age, with the average age increasing from 41.4 years on July 1, 2020, to 41.7 years on July 1, 2021. Almost one in five (18.5%) Canadians are now aged 65 and older, and the number of centenarians rose 1,100 year over year to 12,822 as of July 1, 2021.

Where is the whitest city in Canada?

Counting White as ethnically European and Town/City as 100,000 people or more, the whitest city in Canada is LĂ©vis, Quebec, with a 98% white population of 136,000 people.

Is Canada a diverse country?

Canada’s demographic composition is ethnically heterogeneous, in the sense that its citizens have come from many countries of origin and cultural backgrounds. One customary way to depict cultural diversity in Canada is describe it in terms of the population size of those not belonging to the two charter groups.

What is the largest visible minority in Canada?

People of Chinese origin are Canada’s largest visible minority group, with a population of more than 1 million.

Which provinces in Canada are the most diverse and why?

British Columbia is the most ethnically diverse province in Canada. Almost 30 percent of British Columbians immigrated to B.C. from another country. Just under one-quarter of the people in B.C. are a visible minority.

Which Canadian city has the most white people?

Highest population

  • Not-a-visible-minority: Montreal, Quebec: 2,998,145.
  • White Caucasians: Montreal, Quebec: 2,980,280.
  • Visible minorities: Toronto, Ontario: 2,174,065.
  • South Asians: Toronto, Ontario: 684,070.
  • Chinese: Toronto, Ontario: 486,330.
  • Blacks: Toronto, Ontario: 352,220.
  • Filipinos: Toronto, Ontario: 171,985.

What is the least diverse city in Canada?

What diversity looks like in the Vancouver CMA

  • The most diverse cities in Metro Vancouver.
  • Toronto.
  • Montreal.
  • Calgary.
  • The most diverse cities in Canada are all in the GTA and Metro Vancouver.
  • The least diverse cities in Canada are in Quebec (and Ontario)