What is the climate in Colorado?

What is the climate in Colorado?

Colorado’s combination of high elevation, midlatitude, and continental interior geography results in a cool, dry, and invigorating climate. The average annual temperature for the state is 43.5 degrees Fahrenheit (F), which is 13.7 degrees below the global mean.

What type of climate is Denver Colorado?

semi-arid climate
Denver features a semi-arid climate (Köppen climate classification: BSk) bordering on humid continental climate(Köppen climate classification: Dfa/Dfb) with very low humidity and around 3,100 hours of sunshine per year.

What is the average temperatures in Colorado?

Weather & Climate Info

Month Avg. High (F° / C°) Avg. Low (F° / C°)
AUGUST 86°F / 30C° 54°F / 12.2C°
SEPTEMBER 78°F / 25.6C° 44°F / 6.7C°
OCTOBER 66°F / 18.9C° 33°F / 0.6C°
NOVEMBER 54°F / 12.2C° 23°F / -5C°

How cold is Colorado in winter?

between 16°- 54°F
What is this? And average temperatures in Colorado in the winter are between 16°- 54°F, with colder temperatures the further you go into the mountains. Aside from avalanches and rock slides, Colorado does experience other natural disasters every year.

What are the two climates in Colorado?

Colorado may be divided into three climatic regions that largely reflect differences in elevation and proximity to the major mountain ranges: the eastern plains, the Colorado Piedmont, and the Rocky Mountains and the Colorado Plateau in the west.

Is Denver a desert climate?

The Climate The Denver metro area is known for its semi-arid, high-desert climate — though the weather is heavily influenced by the proximity of the Rocky Mountains and Front Range.

What part of Colorado is the warmest?

Lamar. The warmest place in Colorado is a city called Lamar, a small town located 209 miles southwest of Denver, due east of Pueblo. What is this? In 2019, it broke the record for the hottest temperature ever recorded in Colorado climbing to 115 degrees Fahrenheit.

What’s the coldest town in Colorado?

Fraser, with an annual mean temperature of 32.5 °F (0.3 °C) (or 34.8 °F (1.6 °C) based on another station in town) is the coldest incorporated town in the lower 48 states.