What is the best thing about SYSTRA?

What is the best thing about SYSTRA?

An ethical place to work. Staff of SYSTRA India actively apply the SYSTRA Group’s core values of Excellence, Enthusiasm, Team Spirit, Commitment and Listening skills. They underpin our working methods, underscore our relations with co-workers, partners and clients and underwrite the quality of the services we deliver.

Is SYSTRA a good company?

This company gives good environment of work. Company has nice culture for work.So this is nice company for work. company hires most qualified staff for work.

What does SYSTRA do?

SYSTRA is a multinational engineering and consulting group in the mobility sector, whose fields of activity include rail and public transport. In 2019, it employed a staff of about 7,300 people, and is a limited company owned by the RATP, the SNCF and banks.

What is SYSTRA?

The history of SYSTRA begins in 1957, when the SNCF created SOFRERAIL (French Company for Railway Design and Construction).

What is the history of SYSTRA Consulting?

In 1995, the acquisition of the MVA group gives SYSTRA a consulting base in Hong-Kong and the MiddleEast. In 1990 the CANARAIL subsidiary is created in Montreal (now known as SYSTRA Canada), and in 1994 the US branch opens in New York City under the name of SYSTRA Consulting.

When did XELIS join SYSTRA?

In June 2011, INEXIA (engineering branch of the SNCF) and XELIS (the 2006 launched engineering branch of the RATP) both join SYSTRA. The merger is finally ratified on 1 July 2012. Created as an international company, SYSTRA quickly develops a network of branches and subsidiaries in more than 50 countries.

What do you appreciate most about SYSTRA?

What I appreciate at SYSTRA is the autonomy, the responsibilities and the opportunity to develop both in France and abroad. SYSTRA’s specificity is to link the technical identity of projects to a sustainable design initiative. Everyday challenges gets translated into learning with opportunities for mobility.