What is the best pistol in payday?

What is the best pistol in payday?

Best Payday 2 secondary weapons – pistols If you want to venture into a single pistol as a secondary weapon, I highly recommend the Deagle pistol. It has the best balance of damage and accuracy, along with great concealment.

What are the best mods for Payday 2?

Payday 2: The 10 Best Mods

  • 10 Re-Texture Project.
  • 9 Intro Cinematics.
  • 8 Advanced Movement Standalone.
  • 7 Tailor Expansion.
  • 6 Hyper Heisting.
  • 5 Jokermon.
  • 4 MUI.
  • 3 Payday 2: Crackdown Mod.

What is the white streak pistol based on?

The Tactical Pistol Light is based on the Streamlight TLR-1, as indicated by its string ID.

Does Payday 2 have anti cheat?

Payday does not ban players for cheating, the only anti cheat is the auto kick from lobbys. The anti cheat works only on deployable items ie: you have 3 grenades, you turn on cheats and throw 4 thats a kick.

What is the white streak pistol in Payday 2?

The White Streak is essentially a non-DLC Baby Deagle, possessing completely identical base stats, including reload time and ammo pickup.

What’s a baby 9 gun?

Magnum Research 9mm Baby Desert Eagle Steel-Framed Pistol. The Baby Desert Eagle (Don’t worry, fellas…the word “baby” does not appear on the gun itself!) is a modified version of the excellent CZ 75 family of handguns that was designed in—you guessed it—1975.

What is Payday 2 Minecraft?

The well-known game PayDay 2, appears in Minecraft. This mod is not for the survival of the regime, it was created in order to simplify the custom map creation. The plans neti is unlikely to be the creation of recipes for crafting. This mod made in Russia.

Top 25 Best Mods For Payday 2 (All Free) 1 1. Re-Texture Project. Check Out This Mod. 2 2. Face Retexture Project. 3 3. FED.NET. 4 4. Equipment Colors. 5 5. Stop the Cheater.

What is the Payday 2 Metal Gear Solid mod?

This Payday 2 Metal Gear Solid mod is quite simple but very amusing. It replaces the detected sound with the alert sound from Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops. You will need to use Payday Mod Tool 1.15 to use this mod.

What is the secondary weapon in Payday 2?

This article is about the secondary weapon in PAYDAY 2. For other uses, see Deagle (disambiguation). The Deagle pistol is a secondary weapon available in PAYDAY 2 .