What is the best F1 app?

What is the best F1 app?

Top 8 Best Android Formula 1 Apps & Games – 2019

  • Formula 1. Formula 1 is the official Android application for Formula 1.
  • F1 Manager. F1 Manager is the official Formula 1 racing management strategy game, as the developer refers to it.
  • F1 Grand Prix.
  • iGP Manager.
  • F1 Mobile Racing.
  • Motorsport Manager Mobile.

Is there an official F1 app?

F1 TV app is now live on iOS and Android.

What app can i watch F1 for free?

To help its fans, Formula 1 has launched its own app, called the F1 TV Pro. This app is an ideal choice for F1 fans to use on their iPhone and Android devices.

What is the most popular Formula 1 track?

1: Circuit de Monaco, Monaco Without a doubt, the most iconic circuit in Formula 1 is Monte Carlo in Monaco. Winning in Monaco is the dream for many Formula 1 drivers. The Monaco Grand Prix is al a part of the Triple Crown of Motorsports along with the Indy500 and the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

How good is F1 mobile?

As you might expect from an F1 game bearing the Codemasters logo, F1 Mobile Racing is an impressive looking beast. The tracks are recreated pretty much perfectly, and there’s the full roster of drivers from the current season too. But you’re not playing as any of them.

How much does the F1 app cost?

F1 TV access starts at just $26.99 per year, while the full F1 TV Pro experience that includes live streams of every practice, qualifying and race, including F1, F2 and F3 as well as Porsche Supercup, is just $79.99 per year — less than $4 per grand prix.

Can I watch F1 on mobile?

You can watch F1 TV using your mobile or tablet through major platforms such as Apple, Android, Roku and Amazon Fire App. You can also cast from a browser using Apple Airplay or Google Chromecast It’s also available to view on a PC through all major web browsers.

Which is the most difficult track in F1?

Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps.

  • Home to Formula 1’s Belgian Grand Prix the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps is considered by many as one of the most challenging race tracks in history.
  • What is the official F1® app?

    Download the Official F1® App for all the F1 news, results, timings and in-depth analysis. ► It’s everything you need for a full-on F1 race weekend.

    What are the best apps for Formula 1 fans?

    Let’s look at such applications. F1TV is a great program that will be useful to all fans of the royal races – Formula 1. Thanks to the F1TV app, users can view all Grand Prix in high quality. Thanks to internal servers, the F1TV application provides a high-quality and reliable signal. View the race is carried out in direct mode.

    How to watch Formula 1 from home?

    You need to either sign or pay daily access to the content. Nice interface, clear functionality will allow you to enjoy the live broadcast to the fullest. Sky Sports is a specialized app, which is completely devoted to car racing Formula 1. The spectator will see the broadcast of professional races, preparation for competitions.

    Where can I find all the F1 news?

    Download the Official F1® App for all the F1 news, results, timings and in-depth analysis. ► It’s everything you need for a full-on F1 race weekend. F1® TV puts you in the driving seat – with race highlights live timing and live streaming (available only in certain countries). You can subscribe to F1® TV with an annual or monthly subscription.