What is the best engine in Kerbal space program?

What is the best engine in Kerbal space program?

Overall winners:Nerv: Long Live the King! The nuclear engine is still by far the best for vacuum operation, despite 0.75 TWR being above its comfort zone. Vector/Mammoth: The most versatile engine in the game (at least in Sandbox) is begging for a thrust reduction still one of the best options for easy delta-V.

How do you stop a plane from turning in KSP?

Try reducing control authority (or even generally amount) of control surfaces – rudder, ailerons, the front wheel (maybe even make it a fixed one). Additionally if you have any off-center fuel tanks, double check the fuel is drawn from both at the same rate (same priority).

Do jet engines work on Laythe?

Only your home planet of Kerbin and Jool’s moon Laythe have an oxygen-rich atmosphere, which means that jet engines will only work on these two planets. If you fly to Duna, for example, it just won’t work. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t use planes at all.

What fuel do jets use in KSP?

liquid fuel
A jet engine is an air-breathing engine which uses onboard liquid fuel and combusts it with the oxygen drawn from the atmosphere.

What is Mach in KSP?

Mach number is a function of the speed of sound in the medium.

What engine in KSP has the most thrust?

S3 KS-25×4
The S3 KS-25×4 “Mammoth” Liquid Fuel Engine is a size 3 liquid fuel engine. It is the most powerful (and most expensive) engine available in the game….

S3 KS-25×4 “Mammoth” Liquid Fuel Engine
Liquid fuel engine
Maximum thrust (1 atm) 3 746.03 kN
(vacuum) 4 000.00 kN
Isp (1 atm) 295 s

What is the best thruster in Kerbal space program?

But for the record, the most powerful KSP engine in terms of its thrust or its TWR is the Mammoth engine core , inspired by the NASA Space Launch System booster. The most powerful single engine is the Rhino in terms of thrust.

Why does my rocket flip over KSP?

More drag in the front = flippy. More drag in the back = stable. Rockets have fins in the back for a reason.

Why is my plane turning KSP?

If your planes are turning when gaining speed on the runway, without any input from you, It’s likely a sign of misaligned wheels. Try making sure your landing gear are perfectly straight and it will probably solve your problem.

Where should center of lift be KSP?

If the COL or the lift vector is positioned or pointing off-center left-to-right, the craft will turn. If the COL is positioned too far toward the bottom of the craft, it will want to roll over.

What is a jet engine in Ksp?

Technically, any rocket engine is also a jet engine as it forms a high-speed jet of reaction mass. But for KSP players, the term is limited to engines dependent on intake air . Unlike rocket engines, a jet draws oxygen from the atmosphere rather than taking it from an on-board tank.

Can you get into space in Ksp?

I have been playing KSP for a lil while now, got in space quite a few times, have things going to other planets on thier own accord, made several craters in the Mun, getting into space has not been a problem, look at some of my screen shots…

What is a spaceplane?

A spaceplane is a hybrid of a plane and a rocket capable of atmospheric flight with wings and spaceflight with reaction engines. Most spaceplanes are single-stage-to-orbit capable or have only some minor parts which aren’t reusable.

Why don’t we use jet engines in spaceplanes?

This is good for spaceplanes operating in low-oxygen atmospheres where jet engines can’t be used. However, they do take a conventional mix of fuel and oxidizer, and thus require much more fuel mass than jet engines or LV-N Nerv.