What is the best career path for your personality type?

What is the best career path for your personality type?

As noted above, the best careers for each personality are:

  • ESTJ: Chef.
  • ISTJ: Systems administrator.
  • ESFJ: Registered nurse.
  • ISFJ: Kindergarten teacher.
  • ESTP: Military officer.
  • ISTP: Police officer.
  • ESFP: Bartender.
  • ISFP: Jeweler.

Which personality type is most successful?

Extroverts, sensors, thinkers, and judgers tend to be the most financially successful personality types, according to new research. The researchers surveyed over 72,000 people measuring their personality, income levels, and career-related data.

What is the best Myer Briggs personality type?

What’s the Right Career for Your MBTI Personality?

MBTI Personality Types MBTI Personality Types MBTI Personality Types
INFJ – The Advocate INFP – The Mediator INTJ – The Architect
ESTP – The Persuader ESTJ – The Director ESFP – The Performer
ENFP – The Champion ENFJ – The Giver ENTP – The Debater

Do certain jobs require certain personality types?

In turn, certain occupations and workplaces may attract certain characteristics – an employer’s job requirements or workplace culture often necessitate specific personality traits. These traits can be characteristic of particular personality types.

What is the most common personality type 16 personalities?

The most common personality type according to the 16 Personalities Institute is ISFJ, the Defender. This type makes up 13.8% of the US population. This is also not surprising, as they are very logical and traditional people — there is a very big chance you know someone like that in your surroundings.

What is Steve Jobs MBTI?

Steve Jobs was an ENTJ personality type. He was a bold go-getter who was set on achieving his goals. Positions of leadership that involve inspiring people come naturally to people of this personality type. Charismatic and driven, there’s nothing more that Steve loved than a challenge.

What personalities are compatible?

Compatibility of Myers-Briggs types

TYPE Compatible Types

What is Bill Gates personality type?

Bill Gates is an INTP personality type. He prides himself on his unique views and vigorous intellect. INTPs like to question everything around them and they will tell someone if they are wrong about something.

What was Einstein’s personality type?

As an INTP, Albert tends to be extremely analytical, objective, and logical. Albert is likely to approach interactions with others in a logical way, rather than relying on emotion.