What is the best age to butcher a Holstein steer?

What is the best age to butcher a Holstein steer?

When they are finished in a feedlot, Holstein steers are usually marketed at about 15 months of age and have large mature body weights of about 1,300 to 1,400 lbs. It’s these basic fenceline impressions that are augmented by realistic carcass data, which has been collected on finished Holstein feeders.

How much meat do you get from a Holstein cow?

(880 hot carcass weight ÷ 1400-pound live weight) x 100 = 63%.

Bone-in steaks and roasts 1/4 585
Mixture of Bone -in steaks and boneless steaks and roasts 1/8 570
Boneless steaks and roasts from very fat animals 1/8 410
Boneless steaks and roasts from Holstein (dairy animal)* 1/8 465

What are the disadvantages of Holstein cows?

Unfortunately, Holstein cattle also have disadvantages besides clear advantages in milk production, however, primarily in fitness traits. Due to the very low heritabilities of these traits only very restricted genetic progress by selection within a purebred population (e.g. Holstein) can be expected.

How long does it take to finish a Holstein steer?

Some feedlots prefer to feed light-weight (250-350 pounds) Holstein calves. These calves, also called “pee- wee” Holsteins, are fed high-grain finishing diets for approximately 400 days.

Are Holsteins smart?

Temperament. In general, Holstein cows are calm, agreeable animals. They are generally less intelligent than other dairy breeds, and do not have the same instinct to forage or mother calves. Steers of this breed are agreeable and easy to train, making them excellent draft animals for beginners.

How much is a Holstein steer worth?

At the Aug. 24 auction at New Holland Sales Stables, slaughter Holstein steers weighing 1,330 to 1,670 pounds brought $127 to $132 per hundredweight. To put that in perspective, at the same sale in 2013, Holstein steers brought an average of $108 per hundredweight, and in 2014, they averaged $148.

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Do Indiana farmers eat their own beef?

Some producers raise 100% grass fed beef while others grain supplement their calves. Indiana’s beef farmers have been eating their own beef for years – long before “locally grown” became popular.