What is the ball at the end of a glass cutter for?

What is the ball at the end of a glass cutter for?

The well-scored pane is ready to be split. The glass may be further weakened by lightly tapping along the cut. The glass cutter in the photo has a ball on one end for tapping the glass. Running pliers may then be used to “run” or “open” to the split.

What is a Fletcher tool?

Fletcher’s branded hand-tool line consist of Industrial Hand-held Glass Cutters, Running and Nipping pliers for glass applications, HD Plastic & Tile Cutters and hand insertion/removal tools for Fletcher’s Push Point Products.

What are the different wheels on a glass cutter?

Cutting Wheel Composition Most glass cutting wheels are made of steel because it’s the most economical, but they dull faster. The tungsten carbide wheel is another option. If you plan on cutting a large amount, the tungsten carbide wheel is the head of choice.

Why does a glass cutter have a diamond?

Since diamonds are the hardest known substance having hardness set to 10, while glass which are used on windows have a hardness of 5.5. And diamonds being the hardest substance can precisely and accurately cut glass in any desired shape or form.

What are the teeth on a glass cutter for?

The teeth of a glass cutter were particularly useful in the days before glass grinders and grozing pliers of the kind we use nowadays. The teeth allowed the glass worker to “nibble away” the edges of the glass piece.

What are the parts of a glass cutter?

Components Of A Glass Cutter The glass cutter is made of two main pieces—the stem or handle and the roller or wheel. The wheel is not sharp, like a blade, but does have an angled or pointed edge. The wheel or disc moves freely so that when it is pressed to a surface it will roll when pushed with the handle.

How do you cut glass with a red devil glass cutter?

Yes, this scores glass to enable you to break/cut glass.

  1. Place straight ruler/object on glass, on line you want to cut.
  2. Drag cutter along glass, FIRMLY. If it’s not making a sound that’s almost like ripping paper, you’re doing it wrong.
  3. Line up score line with edge of flat surface. BREAK. Be HARD and be FAST.